Work of Grace

When I was but a little child
My Sunday School teacher defined it as
GRACE: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.
Back then, it didn’t make much sense
Back then, I was but a Child
Back then, I couldn’t tell the difference;
Between the Good and the Bad
Between the Letters and the Spirit
Back then, I still lived in Sin
Back then, the “Prince” of this world
Still held claim on my soul
Back then, my life had no meaning
Back then, oh back then…

But God knew who I was
He knew who I was meant to be
For He said in Jeremiah 29: 11
“For I know the plans I have for you
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you
Plans to give you a hope and a future”
But as much as He loved us
God knew He couldn’t Fellowship with us
Cause in Romans 3: 23, His word said
“All HAVE sinned and have fallen
Short of the Glory of God”
But God wanted a relationship with man
Man, who had fallen from grace
Man, who was doomed to an eternity,
Devoid of fellowship with his maker
Man, who had imbibed the nature of sin
Cursed to live a life of pain and suffering
Cursed to live a life without purpose
Cursed to live a life of emptiness
Cursed to live a life of insecurity
Losing our innocence and purity.

Hence the Law was brought in being
To give us a form of righteousness
Through the offering of Sacrifices
For the remission of Sin(s)
For a while, it was good
For a while, there was order.
For a while, man’s link to God was re-established
However, the law brought with it Restriction
With the law came Judgement
Cause of the full awareness of Sin
And with it the whole concept of Punishment
For The Bible says in Romans 6: 23a
“For the wages of Sin is Death
With the law came condemnation… #Sigh

This however, wasn’t God’s will for us
For God wanted to restore us back,
Back to our original sinless nature
For while the blood of animals covered the sins,
It didn’t put man in right standing with God
God then took matters into His hands
He made the Ultimate sacrifice
He gave us his one and only begotten son
John 1: 29 says
“Behold the Lamb of God, Who
Takes away the sin of the world.

Thus Christ came and died for us
He who was blameless became sin
He took all our iniquity on Himself
He was cast down into hell for our sin
I could go on and on
But Isaiah 53: 5- 10 says it all
All over the kingdom of darkness
There was rejoicing and celebration
Cause the Son of God was dead
The devil thought he was through
The devil thought the story was over

But God was not through
If God could love us who He created
How much more His own Begotten Son
On the Third day Christ arose
He broke the Chains of Hell and the Grave
The Prince of Peace arose in Full glory
For Matthew 28: 18b saus;
“All Authority in Heaven and Earth had been given into Him”
He broke the hold of the law
And ushered us into a new dispensation
A dispensation of grace.

No more do we have to offer sacrifices
For Christ was made the ultimate sacrifice
No more was man separated from God
No more were we just mere creations
For as many that recieved His Son
He gave the power to become “Sons of God”
No more do we need a priest,
For we now have direct access to God
Through the Holy Spirit that resides in us.
No more are we subject to death
For we have life and not just abundantly
But eternally to them that believe.
I wrap it up with the Scripture
That summarizes it all; John 3: 16
“For God so Loved the world, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son
That Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but Have Everlasting Life…

So what exactly is grace
To me grace is God’s love that passes all understanding.

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


4 thoughts on “Work of Grace

  1. Wow!Wow!!Wow!!!
    CHRIST-The all-encompassing provision of God to us.
    ….That we may become the righteousness of God…
    Thanks for sharing&re-affirming our true reality in God.
    May your life be Resplendent!

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