Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. -Barrack Obama

Like The Bible says in Proverbs 24: 33-34
Yet a Little Sleep, Yet a little Slumber
A little Folding of the Hands to sleep
So shall thy Poverty come as one that Travelleth
And thy want as an Armed Man

Wealth and Poverty, Like Character and Habit
Does not just spring up one day
Like Rome, it isn’t built in a day
It is as a result of the decisions
The choices we make Day by Day

Nobody ever wakes up to say
“I am going to fail today”
And even those who do
Find it, Oh so very hard to say
Cause they know, deep down
“There was ALWAYS a price to pay”

The things they no longer teach today
Like the first Law of Alchemy
The Law of Equivalent Exchange Says
No matter How Little or How Big,
There’s always a price to Pay

Each and Every day, I hear People say
Oh the things Gossips, Newspapers and all
Other forms of Media Bring My Way
Hurricanes in Haiti, Bombing in the Middle East
Starvation Yesterday, Boko Haram Today
And The People ask, “Where God Dey?

But the Story still remains the same
With The Peoples’ Lives as Bargaining Chips
War and Terrorism is the Game
Properties Destroyed, Families Torn apart
And the People ask, “Who’s to Blame?

That’s Right, Who’s to Blame?
The Government? The Radicals? Islam as a Whole?
Mohammed the Visionary? Those Who Follow His Teaching?
Or Our “Great” Adversary the Devil?
Truth is, we might Never Know.

Every Day, I Hear People Say
When will all this End? When will it all Change?
But Like Mahatma Gandhi Says:
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

If You feel That You are too Little
To make a difference in this Life
Then You have a lot to learn
Ask Mohammed, Buddha or Gandhi
Bill Gates, Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs
Or Better Still Ask A Mosquito

One Match they say is all you need
To burn down a thousand trees
Little Drops make the mighty Oceans
One Voice in the crowd is enough
To start a Mighty Revolution

Truth is everybody wants to see change
But No one wants to bring about the Change
Like the Journey of a Thousand Miles
It takes just One Step to Begin
Someone once Said
The Best time to Plant a Tree, Was 20years Ago
The Next best time is NOW!!!…

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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