The Vow…


So I decided to take a 6hr break from all the reading and other activities of Summer, and somewhere along the line, I saw this very Intriguing Movie: “The Vow” *If You haven’t seen it, you probably should*, if you have seen it, before you get Judgmental, *Yes, I watched a romance movie *Bite Me*.

It’s an interesting movie about this married couple that had an accident during whichthe Wife lost her memories, *As someone who hates #Spoilers, I find it hard to actually describe movies, If I don’t do the movie justice well sorry, the trailer will be down below. ↓

Like the title says, the whole movie to me was centered around the vows they made during their wedding, and while the vows are beautiful, they are also quite powerful and yet quite simple.

However in between all the plenty English they were speaking, two lines in their vows stuck with me: *Spoiler Alert*
He vowed to “Never forget that this is a Once in a Lifetime Kind of Love”. She Vowed “I choose to Stay with you for all the things that you’ve done right and not leave for the one thing you’ve done wrong”.

After 1hr 30mins of Movie Madness, I sat back and started thinking *Yeah I do that after some movies *Cough* #Inception *Cough*. Well all I could think about was God’s love and our relationship with Christ amongst other things.

I’ve searched all over and till date Humans and God are the only two beings that never cease to amaze me, then again *We were made in His Image*. As You’ve already guessed by now, I’m going to talk about their vows. So without further ado, I’d start with the bride’s vows.

Now her vows to me were very symbolic and I love the fact that it was said by The Bride, in case you haven’t realized, The bible calls the Church, the Bride of Christ. As individuals, we make up the Church, in turn the body of Christ, the bride of Christ. *If you don’t know this, go back to Sunday School!!! Just Kidding 😛 *

Anyway back to the Movie: She said, “I choose to Stay with you for all the things that you’ve done right and not leave for the one thing you’ve done wrong”… I’m sure you already get where I’m going with this but yeah, how many of you will actually go to church, *let me not take it as High as Prayer* if you lost a Job or failed an exam or if you won a Lottery? *Didn’t see that coming, did you?*

Most Christians on the planet are Sunny-side Christians, they serve God with all their hearts *well some of it* and are happily married to Jesus until, something happens and hits them where it hurts the most, and they forget all the Good Things God has done for them or the fact that God has a plan that is (not WILL BE) already in motion and without waiting to find out what his plan is, They FILE for divorce.

In Contrast, God sticks with us through all our messes, through all our shortcoming, through all the crap we shove in his face. He even goes out of His way to bring us out of the randomest of situations that we get ourselves into… *not sure if Randomest is an actual word but you sha get me*. I mean, He really does try. If it were some of you, the earths population would have dropped to -500million.

In Jeremiah 31:3 (NIV), the word says “The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I’ve loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” *Talk about a “Once in a Lifetime” kind of Love*.

*Disclaimer: ok this probably should have come at the top but I really couldn’t be bothered. I’m probably one of the few people who would watch this movie and arrive at this destination but anyway that’s just me (I’m weird like that)*.

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


4 thoughts on “The Vow…

  1. I love how you used a movie that illustrates the strength of an amazing human relationship to illustrate God’s unending love for us. Great Write Bro, Beautiful stuff.

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