Life after Modules…


Beautiful picture right??! Sure, it’s a little bit abstract, all kinds of subtle yet with so much to say: calm, relaxing, colorful, exciting, eventful and above all fun. If you still don’t get what the picture signifies, let me refresh your memory. It is the most anticipated event of the year *well for medical students in Ukraine at least*.

It signifies the end of our 8am timetables, end of all the booooooooring 😐 (yawn) lectures, end of the nerve wrecking classes, the annoying teachers constantly reminding us of all the random things they think we will never accomplish. End to Modules raising our blood pressure since day 1 of the semester.

If you still don’t get me, then no hope for you :D. Ok I think that’s enough teasing for one day *Uhhhhm, No just kidding*. For you sad lot that still don’t know, I’m talking about the most important 3 months on any Student’s calendar. I’m talking about Summer, in particular the Summer Break and yes We take it very personal in Med School. Infact, for 2 months, school doesn’t exist to you *Unless of course you still have reworks *Seriously (O_o)* or clinical practice. To which I say Sorry…*

In Ukraine, like in every other country in the world *except Nigeria* summer is the most anticipated holiday after Christmas, it signifies 2 and a half months of rest *You can finally sleep all the sleep you never knew you actually needed*, have all the fun school forced out of you, get to see friends and family that you haven’t seen in ages, finally catch up with all the latest movies and series, you know general fun.

However like I know, most of you have slowly started getting bored, you’ve gotten tired of sleep, you’ve seen everyone at home, you’ve realized that most of your friends have moved on and don’t really have your time or they’re just busy with school, work or life, that series that used to intrigue you no longer seems interesting to you and slowly you start counting the days till resumption.

If you were like me growing up, you’ll remember this days when your parents tried getting you to attend summer school/lessons *depending on your location* & you felt they didn’t want you to have fun and now you want to just knock yourself cause you now see the big picture they’ve been looking at for years. Ok I won’t kid myself and pretend like you all see where I’m heading.

Being adults and having experienced what life was truly about, my parents tried to teach me a very valuable lesson that I only picked up last month: *Summer Holiday, is only an #Academic break, it isn’t a #Life break.* The fact that school is no longer in session, doesn’t mean that life has ended. Life, goes On…

Having fun and all is great, infact it’s required *do you know how many sociopathic ways there are to relieve stress??! Ok, I deviating but do you know how many serial killers and rapists we’d have on this planet if schools didn’t go on holidays??!* But is that all summer is all about, having fun? No.

In case you haven’t noticed, you now have way too much time on your hands. Time you’re never going to have again. The truth is as long as the earth remains, Summer is still going to come, but this time is going to be lost forever, there is never going to be another July 17th 2013, ever again. Summer is a time to relax yes, but more so, it is a time to sit back and reflect on time past.

Time to look at all the things you planned to do, but never really had time for. Now is the time to develop yourself, learn the things they will never teach in school, read all those books you said you’d read, revise all your work from the previous year and then go the extra mile and start preparing for the coming semester. Now is the time to develop that relationship you always wanted to have with God, improve your spiritual life.

Now is the time to work on your dreams and visions, to acquire the required skills to accomplish your goals. Don’t wait till the oppurtunity comes before you start getting prepared. I will end with this quote:

If you’re preparing at the time, you’re supposed to be prepared, failure is not far away”- Pastor David Ogbueli

*So what have you been doing with your summer??! I’d love to know. For me I’ve been going through a series of training on personal development and working on my writing and music *Apparently some people don’t know that I’m musically oriented*. So Contact Me or comment below…

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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