It was “Just a Dream”…


It’s a cold rainy night, Alex wakes up at around 10pm to see 5 missed calls from his fiancée, he tries to call her back but He’s out of airtime. He gets up , grabs an umbrella and walks to the machine by the street gate hoping to top-up his phone. He gets there and starts slotting his money into the machine. He looks across the road to the shop he’d have had to go to if the machine was not in working order.

As he looks across, he sees a car tumbling by, spinning, hitting and crushing everything in its path. He looks in awe and shock, he starts thanking God for the fact that he didn’t have to cross the road. But then he feels a sharp pain, he opens his eyes and he realizes that He was actually lying on the cold, wet Tarmac, bleeding from his head and abdominal region, with bones sticking out of new orifices in his skin.

He stares blankly into the dark, wondering what happened. Then it hit him like a flash, he was in Lagos and he was actually dying, not because he was the driver was drunk, not because the rain impaired his vision, not because he left his house by 10 pm to top up his credit, it hit him that he was actually dying because He just happened to be crossing the road at exactly 10:15 on that particular night.

He heard the sound of people running to his aid, screaming instructions. Someone yells “bring a bucket lets put out the fire” the other yells “call an ambulance”, but he knows it’s far too late, he’s already lost way too much blood, plus the ambulance will never make it in time. As his eyes close for the last time, he asks himself if all of this would’ve happened if there actually was a top-up machine by the street gate.

They say at the last moment, your whole life flashes before your eyes. Well that’s a lie. Only one thing flashed before his eyes, it wasn’t his fiancée, or his family or his newly acquired Medical Degree, no it was a scene from 6 months back of his friend telling him of his desire to install top-up machines in all the corners of the city. Tears streaming down his face, but He doesn’t know why. He asked himself, why am I remembering this now?

Was it just a dream? Yes that’s all it was, all it had to be, just a cruel dream and eventually He was going to wake up in his room screaming. He couldn’t die now, not yet, there was still so much he still hadn’t done. He pleaded with God to just wake him up from this cruel dream, but time seemed to just roll by slowly, with every passing second bringing him to the reality of his situation: He was going to die.

With his broken ribs digging deeper into his lungs, bringing with it new levels of pain. He laughed and said “I forgive you, John.” With that He passed out, never to wake up again, just another man added to the statistics of accident victims in yet another man’s nightmare…

Each and every day, God gives us dreams, Mindblowing dreams that’d transform us, our society and our world at large and we throw them aside. We come up with different reasons why they can’t possibly come through: “Oh, I’m too young, I’ll do it when I’m older”, “I have too much on my plate as it is”, “this isn’t for me,somebody else will do it”, “I’d love to but I don’t have any money to carry it out”.

I have come to realize over time that some of, if not most of the successful people written in the pages of history are those who dared to live their dreams even when circumstances around them told them otherwise. Jordan Belfort said “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you tell yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

There as far more people in life with far worse stories than yours making it in life, if you doubt me ask Abraham Lincoln, Joseph, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Marilyn Monroe, Thomas Edison, Ben Carson, Malcom X, Genevieve Nnaji, Goodluck Jonathan *Mr “I had no shoes”* and every Hunger Motivated musician in Nigeria… So What’s your excuse??!

There are so many lives intertwined in our dreams, so many dreams that will not be accomplished if we don’t fulfill our dreams, In case you haven’t realized dreams are intertwined. Imagine if Alexander Fleming never discovered Penicillin because he felt Med School was such a drag, Noah never made the Ark cause He felt he was too old or the Wright brothers never made the Airplane cause they felt it couldn’t be done. Mind you somebody else would still have done it, cause God will not leave his people stranded but you’d never hear of Noah, Fleming or The Wright Brothers. I leave with this quote:

Live your dreams today, before they come back to haunt you tomorrow as Nightmares- Ochuko Akpomudjere 2013

Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in the story are fictitious. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental… *Yeah just felt like adding that, in case you didn’t know that it was all a dream, please go back to the beginning and read again. Thank You :)*

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


10 thoughts on “It was “Just a Dream”…

  1. You’ve a very beautiful blog with a tag (Carrier of His presence) which just takes my breath away. Reading this was quite refreshing and encouraging and I want to encourage you to keep it up. Don’t your foot off pedal.

    Thanks for the follow. I’ll definitely be reading more of your blogs from now on.

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