Stop Searching, The Future is Here!!!


Good Day People, So we’re going to start today’s post with a “Pop Quiz”. *Ok, for those of you flashing angry glares before you vex and close your browser tab, relax I don’t ask hard questions (Ok, even I had a hard time believing myself.)* Anyway back to the quiz.

So what is the greatest asset or better still what do you think your greatest asset is? Though I know some of you just read the title and you’re shouting “time” I’ll still award you the point even tho I know you cheated. The rest of you, sad as it is probably said things like money, land, property, children (o_O) strange I know. Well, these things do have value, but the true value of time cannot be over emphasized. If you don’t believe me, it’s either you’ve never bought rework slip in Ukraine, never been late for an appointment or just never tried to buy time.

So what is “Time”? The dictionary defines time as “a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future” *Too tech for you?* try this then “the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them”. *Still too tech* well there’s still hope for you, just picture time as that thing that won’t run fast enough, when you’re in that boring meeting, lecture or sermon in church *See them, Sleepy Sleepy*

Okay, moving on!!! If you’ve ever sat down to ponder why some people succeed and seem to have their life “figured out”, while others don’t, you’ll realize that it all boils down to two things; “Planning and Time Management”. Believe me or not, Everybody has a plan. It is either they are consciously planning to succeed/ accomplish an end or they are unconsciously planning to fail. Which one are you?

Seeing as we are all old enough to vote (You’re now legally old enough to do the things you’ve been doing since you hit puberty) I’m just going to quote a Certain Wise man, “If at this point in your life, you don’t have a plan for your life, then guess what: You are in Soup…

A plan is usually drawn up with the intention of accomplishing a certain goal, dream or aspiration. A dream is nothing more than just that A Dream. What elevates it to the status of a goal is planning and as we all know, all plans have a time frame (an expiry date, so to speak). If you doubt me, ask google, how many 50-60 year old Professional footballers are still active *Please Football Fanatics, don’t mention coaches they don’t count.

“That the greatest mistake you can make is thinking that your future is in the Future. Your future isn’t at some distant point in time, your Future is in You. Everything you were, you are and you’ll ever be (Your gifts, abilities and potentials) are wrapped up in the package that is You. All you have to do is bring yourself out.”- Pastor Femi Oluwole, Global Impact Initiative.

Time they say waits for no one, if you sit on your dream too long, eventually someone else will take the spotlight and You’ll be left as the Governor of O.Y.O state *On Your Own*. If You keep looking for excuses why you can’t do it, guess what, You’ll keep finding them. Worse you’ll wake up one day feeling obsolete and you’ll realize you no longer have the time. If you doubt me ask her.


I end with this scriptural quote: “So watch your step, Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times.”- Ephesians 5: 15-16 (MSG)

Public Service Announcement: So the Certified Son aka Me is going to be back home in Nigeria for the Next couple of weeks. I’d try to continue posting as usual, so you won’t miss me too much, feel free to leave your comments and feedback, I promise I’d respond ASAP

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


8 thoughts on “Stop Searching, The Future is Here!!!

  1. I must say,I am inspired by your article,Sir.U know its summer,with unlimited amount of things one can do and no classes one can either misuse his time or take advantage of his time for his ultimate goal.
    I am inspired to take full advantage of my time to become the best of me.
    Thank you Bro,keep posting and we will keep reading.

  2. Very true. The earlier we stop making excuses or giving in to procrastinations, the better. To add, we need grace to be the better of who we are each day.

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