Life as an Overgrown Boy-scout

So something happened a few weeks back & it dragged me way back through memory lane. I remembered way back when I was in Primary School and I was made to join the Scouts in my School. Funny thing, I was a scout for over a year and I can say the only thing I learnt was how to tie my shoe laces. *No I wasn't a dull student, my scout masters were just horrible teachers!!!*

So all my life, I've been told, advised, cajoled, scolded and of course beaten into learning and applying one very not so simple principle. I know it as Life's First Rule, however most people know it as the scout first rule. "Always be Prepared". Okay let’s skip this history lesson for now.

Well ever since I discovered I could sing, it has always been a dream of mine to take a solo (Lead a song) in my local church in Nigeria. I tried to so hard last summer to get a solo, and when I eventually got one, I flopped so bad, I couldn't show my face in Church for a while *You wish!!! :p Never made it past rehearsals tho. 😐

So this summer, I made up my mind that I was finally going to do it, so I trained, I studied a whole lot about music, I rehearsed, worked on my confidence level and I was sure in my heart of hearts that I was ready. I had everything planned, I was going to show up on Saturday during rehearsal, offer to take a solo, nail it on Sunday and then strike it off my list.

Then the craziest thing happened, I slept off on Saturday about 30mins to rehearsal *Jetlag and all the stress of travel* Like all great minds, I couldn't let that deter me, so I altered my plans and moved them to the following Saturday. Lo and behold, I got to church on Monday & guess what? There was an oppurtunity, there was a program in church and they needed someone to take a solo, so I stepped up & took it.

Well no, I won’t tell you how it went, okay I nailed it Yaaaaaaay :D. Okay, okay hold the applause, it was all God. Anyway the point I’ve been trying to get to ever since, is “Always Be Prepared!!!”
The truth of the matter is, I wasn’t the only person there that could have taken the song, there were “Far better” guys to have taken the part, but I was the only one that was prepared.

In life, they say oppurtunity comes but once, most people pray to God for Oppurtunities, and being the loving God he is, he gives them and yet each and every time opportunity passes them by not because they can’t see it but because deep down in their hearts they know they aren’t prepared to handle it *even though some people are so slow they never realize its an opportunity until its too late*.

Popular Motivational speaker: Les Brown’s mentor told him once that “It’s far better to be prepared and not have a job than to have a job you aren’t prepared for”. My Dad will always say “Those who fail to prepare, should prepare to fail…” *Wise Words from a very wise man*


I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


2 thoughts on “Life as an Overgrown Boy-scout

  1. Lol…interestingly!I had a good laugh….your sense of humor just cracks me up
    Good to know you enjoyed Grace in nailing the song…*Thumbs up*

    P.s;I just followed you on twitter @Lizzieebunoluwa…Kindly launch a reprisal attack…hehehehe.
    Keep up the good work Ochuko.

    1. Thank You, Thank You!!! And no I’ve never considered going into comedy. I come to realize that you need God’s grace in every aspect of your life, even the parts that seem trivial.

      I launched “A reprisal attack” per your request… #Hehehehe

      Thanks for your heart-warming comment.

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