The Road Less Travelled (4)


Hi guys, it’s the first day of the new semester and of course there’s school today 😐 but like they say in Showbiz, The show, well in this case, the story must go on. If you’re just joining, I assure you non of this would make much sense. You might want to check out Chapter 1, Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 Thank You. 🙂

Tunde awoke, no thanks of course to the sharp pain he felt in his head. He looked around, He didn’t recognize where he was, nor did he like the looks of the place. Everything round about him looked and felt rather dull. Aaaargh, He felt the sharp pain again.

He raised his hand to grab hold of his head, but his hands would move no further than 6 inches off the bed post. He heard the clank of chains and then he knew why: He was handcuffed to the wall adjacent his bed *Not like you could call a thin mattress, on a fat slab of wood a bed?*

He heard movement outside the door of the cell. He turned towards the door and shouted “Hello, is anybody there?” The movement stopped, the small latch on the cell door opened and an angry pair of eyes peered in. He to turn to get a better look at the face but his cuffs restrained him.

As abruptly as the latch had been opened, it was shut. The footsteps drifted off, away from his cell but where was it going? He had so many questions he needed answered least if which was: “Where was he and why was he cuffed to the wall in what appeared to be an uncompleted building? ”

The footsteps stopped a little while off from his cell. He heard a door open and a timid voice said: Sorry to disturb you Oga (Sir) but you said we should tell you when the guy in Cell no. 5 is awake; what should I do with him Sir? Ok, I’ll do that sir, right away.

The door closed and He heard the sound of the footsteps drawing ever nearer. From the one-sided exchange he’d just heard, he figured he was in Cell no. 5 and the footsteps were heading his way. He felt tense but at least now he knew he was in Police custody and soon He was going to know why.

Clank clank clank, he heard the fiddling of keys, finally one was shoved in the keyhole. A twist, a turn and a screech later, the metal door was opened. A potbellied officer walked in. Without so much as a word, he bent down, unlocked the cuffs from the wall, looped them behind Tunde and handcuffed his free hand. He yanked Tunde to his feet and led him out of the cell into the dimly lit passageway.

To be continued…

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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