Public Service Announcement (PSA)…


Testing, testing 123, Testing!!! Hi guys, so I know it’s been a while I posted anything here besides Short Stories *of which I didn’t even post this past week’s chapter, for that I’m quite sorry.*

To answer the question, nobody is bold enough to ask, “No I haven’t backslidden.” I just haven’t been led to post anything of recent. Coupled with the fact that my week started the way no one ever wants their week to start: *SICK!!!*

Well I wasn’t that sick *compared with some people out there*, just caved under the stress of the first school week and the horrible Ukrainian weather. Anyway got some well deserved rest, and I relished the opportunity to just chill for a couple of hours and go through Tim Lahaye’s “Why You Act The Way You Do”…

Anyway that wasn’t nearly the highlight of my week, got the chance to just chill, spend some well deserved time with Daddy *God* and we sat together had some tea and discussed our plans for the year. *Finally drank tea for the first time in 4 months, not been a big fan of tea these days.*

Anyway, before I forget why I’m actually here, let me go straight to the point, seeing as school has just begun, I’m still trying to get used to my new schedule so postage of new pieces might not be as frequent as before, however “The Road Less Travelled” series will still continue as usual every Monday till further notice.

I’m glad to announce that even with the new school schedules, you’d not miss out on the great content you’ve come to love. To that effect Certified Son of God would be expanding as well as part of the new developments. I guess I should pluralize the name now that we’ve got a new addition to the CSoG team *Yaaay, we finally have a team*.

Allow me to introduce Mr Omoniyi “Brown” Soogun he’d be joining us here at CSoG from now on, I’d introduce him thoroughly but I fear I may not do him justice, I guess I’d have to allow him introduce himself to us, but I must say his work speaks for itself. You should check out his first piece with us: Remind Us .

Till Next Time
I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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