The Road Less Travelled (5)

On behalf of CSoG I want to welcome you into another great week. So it’s which means new chapter in our series, if you’re just joining, relax, we’ve got you covered. You might want to first check out Chapter 1, Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 Thank You. 🙂

The potbellied officer led him *more like dragged actually* down the dimly lit passageway. Now that he was outside his cell, he heard the wide array of sounds; from inmates swearing to others screaming their innocence and begging to be set free. The noise however was so not helping his aching head.

The officer led him further down the passage way until they got to a white metal door *at least what used to look white* with the label “Inter.ogation Room loosely hanging from the door. Tunde looked up at the label, had the circumstances been different, he’d have laughed at the missing “r”.

The officer dragged him into the room, SST him down in one of the 3 cold metal chairs across a central table, of course not before cuffing him to the table. The officer made for the door and before Tunde could ask the question that was on his mind, the officer turned, snorted and after awkwardly wiping his nose with his hands, he said ” Oga would be with you shortly.

Tunde sat there for what could easily have been 5 years, but he sat patiently *not like he could go anywhere* random thoughts running through his mind. After what felt like an eternity, a guy in a cheap suit walked into the room. Tunde looked up and instantly his anxiety turned into bewildered anger.

Dele *wonders shall never commence*, you are the last person I expected to see here, at least not as a police officer, I see you found a way to put your skills as a bully to good use. First off, it’s Inspector Dele and secondly my days as a bully are long passed *no thanks to you getting me suspended in secondary school*, besides is that anyway to thank me for saving your life.

You saved my life? When? His mind flashed back to the events of the previous day. Oh :O, the gunshot I heard before I passed out? That was you? I guess I owe you a drink. Just doing my job, guess you should thank God, I just happened to be driving by, if not only God knows what would’ve happened to you. Tunde looked at him straight faced obviously puzzled by the fact that Dele of all people just asked him to thank God.

But seriously, what were you thinking? You could easily have gotten yourself killed and for what? Well forgive me for not thinking, mama was getting stoned, what was I to do, grab a chair and watch? Well I don’t know, you could’ve called the police? No offence Dele but forget that rubbish: the police in this country is pretty much redundant and nonexistent to say the least.

Ok, now that you’ve aired your opinion, Tunde can we get straight to business *Dele opens a file*. It’s pretty obvious you know this woman, has she ever been know to act hysterically in time past? No. Dele hands him a photograph, Do you by chance know this lady? Of course I do, that’s Titilayo her daughter, is something wrong, is she in some kind of trouble.

I heard her mother saying something about her daughter, is Titi alright? Tunde, I’m sorry, but her body was found by the river bank yesterday. Dele Speak English joor, what are you trying to say? I’m saying that Titilayo is Dead. :O

To be continued…

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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