When Pigs Fly…


For the past couple of weeks I have been strolling through Memory lane *embracing the wonderful sights & sounds of Nostalgia city*. Don’t know why I suddenly felt the need to hunt down old schoolmates just for the sole purpose of reconnecting. But that’s a question for another day. One of those memories stuck like needles in my head, it was one from my days in SS2.

A guy had asked a friend of mine out and let’s just say she wasn’t too happy about it *i think she was more mad about the guy in question tho* anyway, she came over and started ranting when she done, I laughed and started teasing her about how funny it’d be when she wakes up someday to realize she was actually dating him. Well she flared up saying “Toufia” (God Forbid) I’d date him when pigs fly.

Well last week I had to remind her of that exact same sentence *in between fits of laughter of course*, when she told me she was getting married to Guess who? That same guy. I was reminded of something a friend said to me last year:

“In this world that God has created, there is no such thing as an impossibility”- Tomilade Olugbemi

Mindblown!!! It took me a while to wrap my head round this crazy revelation but at the end of the day I had to admit that it was the truth. There’s Literally no impossibility on this planet. Think about it, everything that has seemed as an impossibility in the history of man, has been killed at some point in time.

Most of the things that seem trivial today, were considered technological breakthroughs when they were discovered/ invented others were down right impossible until proven otherwise: electricity, flight, telecommunication, fast food *yes I went there*, the internet. I can go on and on stating more and more examples but you don’t want that now do you.

I for one am of the opinion that all things are possible, The Bible says God looked at all He’d done and saw that it was perfect. Everything is possible, all that we need to do anything we set our minds to is available. The only things holding us back is what we know (or rather do not know) and our ability to imagine. I have a dream *Of course in Martin Luther King Jnrs’ voice* that 1 day, I’d dress up in the morning, snap my fingers and be in China in blink of my eye.

Wishful thinking, well that’s what they said about uhmm, Nuclear Fusion, space travel, oh and cloning. I believe anything is possible, we just have to discover how to make it happen. Who knows we might soon get to see pigs flying after all (Uhmm, no just no!!! This though I don’t want to see)… 😐

*Photo Credit: Roger Snider*

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


16 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly…

  1. Hehehehe….No smile becomes my face as much as the smug i-told-you-so smile….
    Totally gratifying…..

    Impossible is nothing ….goes a recent saying…
    However, I do love the expression, “when pigs fly” ….its a handy retort at troublesome buddies…..
    And no,I don’t wanna see ’em fly… I’ll just give up or sue the airline…lol

    P.s; How come this happens over and again, the very guy, a lady threw her hands over her head and swore on her grandpas grave(ok…lol.that’s extreme) that she wouldn’t even date, becomes the hubby she’s enamored with for life?….smh…what changed?i’lld like to think, I would be discerning at seeing the big picture well enough to know ….

    #Just saying

    1. Lol, that “I told you so!!!” Face reserved for people like us with “God complexes”.

      I believe there is no impossibility on this planet, besides that created by out inadequacy. Apparently we share a common dislike of flying pigs.

      As for the whole relationship thing, the only explanation I can give is this: People are deeper than they seem. The sooner we see past the surface they better we and our relationships would be…

      1. Lol…i’ll say you said so@God complexes….

        What can I say?@common dislike…

        Hmmm….*bites forefinger* Word!!!!buddy Word!!!…nailed right on the money!…I couldn’t agree more…
        *Thumbs up*


  2. Lol! I have not seen a post quite like this in months…everything just fits together to tell a story unforgetable and give a vision indelible.

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