If Satan repented


Accra, Ghana. July 13th, 2013

“The Supreme Court of Ghana hereby sentence you, Corporal Agya Akosua to death by…..
The corporal just stood, transfixed. The worst had finally happened. I am innocentbut God why? Various methods of capital punishments ran through his mind within seconds just before the judge pronounced it.  …Death by decapitation, death by hanging. Now they came into his head as fast as a flash ….by firing squad, electrocution. The thoughts finally stopped abruptly as he heard the final words of the judge; …Lethal injection” to take place at Cape coast today”

Warm tears rolled down his cheeks, as some military men grabbed and pushed him forward to a waiting Black Maria. I did not kill my wife. He muttered, crying with his both hands on his almost bald head. Last month, he had walked into his apartment to see his wife in her own pool of blood with his gun beside her. It wasn’t suicide because the pistol had his finger prints all over it. How on earth does an innocent man die?

Donetsk, Ukraine. July 13th, 2013
The renowned scientist, Zadniprayni Kutya heaved a great sign of relief as he rolled a canister between his palms. His assistant stood beside him in an underground laboratory where they had been working for months. He admired the canister. Both had grins on their faces as they looked on to the infinite. Without turning, Kutya said in a thick Russian accent

“Vwhat a day, allu wrongz iz made rite ziss mumenti, vwe zhallu dirink Vwodka afta, and dzen to go krim andi phollute ze vwaters……Khello Donetsk…”
Their grins then turned to husky laughs.

For months, the two scientists researched and experimented on biological mass destruction weapons and they had succeeded this moment. The ten centimeters tall canister contained viruses genetically modified by them. They were air borne and could liquefy an adult human within 30 seconds.

They were ready to test it on people and they knew where exactly to go. A football match would commence in some minutes time between Chelsea FC. and Shakhtar Donetsk FC. Which testing ground could provide more life specimens?

Kutya, with much care then transferred the glass canister to an opened suitcase on table nearby, closed and lifted it. He signaled to his assistant by slightly bending his head to the right. The signal was got, then both of them turned and marched back towards the exit door, on their way to the stadium.

Vialet, Haiti. July 13th, 2013
Life skeletons in form of children kept crawling around on a deserted road. Various sizes of ulcers fought for space on their malnourished bodies. Their fleshes and souls kept begging for salvation. They had been muted, subdued and slowed by hunger as they spent every day of their miserable lives maintaining the only inheritance passed onto them by their parents; poverty.

Some of them no longer looked like humans. They resembled aliens; big heads, sunken eyes, thin limbs and blown tummies. The only thing that made them human was their hope. They had the will to cling on to life. They grabbed, shared and ate every food crumbs that came their ways, good or spoilt. They kept living until they could live no more.

Ogun, Nigeria. July 13th, 2013
He made sure her hands were properly locked and tied together behind her back. But the screaming still continued. She wouldn’t stop, then he decided to gag her mouth, the mouth he had kissed for 10 years. Looking around, he found an old rag and dusted it. He then moved towards her boldly, pushed her tender neck backwards, inserted the cloth piece between her lips and tied it behind the neck.

Adekola went ahead, took the rope he got earlier and used it in tying her legs together. Just as he lifted her up in his arms on their wedding and several other nights, he did again, this time not to the bedroom for coitus but to his car, inside the trunk. He locked his wife inside while he proceeded to the driver’s seat. The car started and he drove carelessly for some minutes on a rural lane. They reached their destination. Mr. Adekola then went on to retrieve his wife from the back, removed the gag and transported her into an uncompleted building.

Inside the house sat an old man with all kinds of fetish mojo surrounding him; bones, skulls, calabashes, carved stones and woods. The nude areas around his eyes were painted with white chalk. He sat, muttering some strange words to an unseen. With his eyes closed, he said

“Kaabo omoo mi….se nkan etutu ti de” (Welcome my son, is the ritual object ready?)
Adekola replied
“Beeni baba, mo ti mu de…” (Yes old one, she’s here…)
“Kaare awon irunmole yio gbe oo, o tun tosi mo” (Well done, the gods shall support you, you shall know poverty no more)

The herbalist then beckoned to a young stunted man behind him, probably an apprentice, to carry the woman inside.

“Darling, you want to use me for money rituals! You said you loved me, don’t do this, things will get better. I suffer with you….what will happen to our children?   …And my new baby? …Please!!! I love you …I’ve been faithful to you, I’ve never disobeyed you…” She screamed as she got dragged inside an inner room to be seen no more.

Colombo, Sri Lanka. July 13th, 2013
       Allahu Akbar. The 14 years old Ishan stood proudly in the market square. He watched as people went to and fro making transactions. He couldn’t wait to execute his mission. He had been selected, what a prestigious assignment. His recruitment spanned only eight months back around the time his siblings got brutally lynched by some terrorist group.
Phrases from the lectures he had been given replayed in his mind

“…You will never be forgotten …Your parents will not have to suffer again …You won’t even feel anything  …There will be 70 virgins waiting to welcome you  …Golden houses, diamond cars …You are fighting for the course of Allah …Just shout Allahu Akbar and push the button….”

He’d got some minutes left when he suddenly turned nervous but there was no turning back. Suicide bombers are brave people. Lowering his right hand slowly into a black leather bag that hung on his shoulder, he looked right and left without turning his head, and then retrieved a small switch box. Ishan closed his eyes as he wished to open them in front of 70 hot virgins.

Pearly gates, Heaven. July 13th, 2013.
       Winged creatures in white floated around a golden throne whose occupant radiated a super magnificent light. Glorious songs gained way out of their mouths, different songs with beautiful and eternal symphony. No repeated stanza, each unique and utterly new.
Unspeakable instruments played from the background. Some played by themselves, others by the winged creatures. All were worshiping the Creator who sat on the throne.

Then, a tired looking creature walked in with his head bowed. He looked so handsome, but his face manifested soberness, frustration, and submission. He had a golden black robe on. The awful aura around him kept dissolving as he moved closer to the throne.

Then a Voice like sounds of lightening, rush of waters, fire and thunder combined spoke

“Lucifer …what have you come for this time?  …To accuse my children again?”

Oh, the creature couldn’t bear it again; he immediately went flat on the floor. The atmospheric authority around the throne and in the room forced him to the ground even before he initiated it. He then replied

“Almighty one, I have come to ask for forgiveness. I am tired, take me back. I am sorry for being so proud, I am sorry for all the evil I have caused on earth, for the hates, the sins, deaths, commotions …You are the merciful one, have mercy on me …Peace must reign on earth, this has been your wish, and I am fully ready to follow it. Just forgive me, I repent”

The creator replied
“It is contained in my word, that you shall be destroyed Lucifer, you are doomed for eternal condemnation. My words must be honored”

” but you are the omnipotent, You can do all things. I surrender, I plead. Peace and love should reign on earth, raise me up Lord, and restore to me my grace please” Lucifer replied

*    *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *
…and God said “let there be peace” …and there was a new Earth. There was a fresh universe where poverty does not reign, where killing of people had no place. A new Planet without wickedness came, a new Earth filled with love, where none would have to die again.


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