The Road Less Travelled (10)

He found solace in his dreams, for there he was in a world that was entirely his own, the physical pain he felt melding perfectly with his mental strain to create a perfect blend of it’s smoothest anaesthetic cocktail which his Being gulped with reckless abandon… … More The Road Less Travelled (10)


The Road Less Travelled (9) *Titi’s Letter*

Mama, good day o *If you’re reading this,  it means our discussion didn’t go as smooth as I’d have liked*

Of course you’re disappointed, clearly this wasn’t what you needed to hear especially not now, not at this crucial point in life when all you needed to hear was good news. You deserve that much,  you deserve to be happy… … More The Road Less Travelled (9) *Titi’s Letter*

I’m Nigeria…

She’s 53 today and her children are all over the place, some rejoicing, some happy, some angry, many are indifferent, but most are crying. Crying because of the state she’s in, crying because of what she’s become. Like a sheep she’s been led by countless shepherds, led into ruin and her children have suffered the … More I’m Nigeria…