The Road Less Travelled (7)


He wandered the streets of Ilorin, no doubt walking towards a destination, his mind could barely recall. He knew where he was meant to go, he knew how to get there but his mind could barely keep up with the influx of all the random occurrences that had come his way in the last 72hrs.

First off, he had almost lost his job, he’s car had broke down, Dele had dropped the largest of the bombs informing him of Titi’s death and now here he was in the early hours of Saturday trekking to Uni. Ilorin Teaching Hospital, to see mama who had mysteriously run mad. It was like hell had taken a personal interest in him and his loved ones.

Titi being dead made no sense to him, he had seen her just 2 days back, he’d even spoken to her. He’d sensed that something was off but could never had imagined she was contemplating suicide. No impossible, Titilayo “Omo Positivity”, “Holy Holy” there’s no way she’d have killed herself joor. Somebody had killed her and he’d do everything in his power to make sure the person didn’t get away with it.

He got to the gates of Uni. Ilorin Teaching Hospital. He stretched his hand to open the gate when someone flashed a torch in his face. The security guard asked *locally made rifle in his hand*: “Who be dat? Na who dey there? (Who is that? Who’s there?) My name na Tunde, I wan see my mama. (My name is Tunde, I want to see my mother).

Guard: Oga we don close, come back by 6 (Sir we’re closed, come back by 6am)

Tunde: Mallam abeg open the gate joor make I enter, abi you want make cold kill me (Please open the gate, before I catch a cold)

Guard: why I go open gate for you, see as you resemble mad man, my friend comot for here!!! (Why should I open the gate for you, you look like a mad man, my friend get away from here!!!)

Tunde: I just dey come from police station, na those foolish police men welé me, infact call Dr Bola, tell am say Tunde dey gate (I’m just coming from the police station, where those foolish police men harassed me. Infact call Dr Bola and tell her Tunde is at the gate).

The guard looks at him as tho contemplating his request and then picks up the reciever by the gate and dials, after what felt like 10minutes and a huge load of “Yes Ma”s and OKs, he turned back and opened the gate.

Guard: Sorry Oga, I no know say you be doctor friend, doctor talk say make I open gate for you. Just waka straight go that building, you go see Clara, the head nurse, she go carry you go meet Doctor. (Sorry sir, I didn’t know you were a friend of the doctor. She said I should let you in, just head straight into that building, you’d see Clara the head Nurse, she’d take you to see the Doctor.)

Tunde: OK thank you, I for settle you something but this policemen collect my money (Ok, Thank You. I’d have given you something but these policemen took everything I had).

Guard: Oga no worry about that one, You suppose dey thank God say those area boys no block you for road. (Sir don’t worry about that, you should be thanking God those local thugs didn’t meet you on the way)

Tunde started towards the building, He looked back at the guard and he laughed. It was all beginning to sound rather ridiculous, “Thank God??!” Which God? What the hell was wrong with Dele and this poor security guard? Didn’t they realize that there was no God??!

To be Continued

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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