The Road Less Travelled (8)


Tunde walked to the building, He got in, looked straight ahead to the enpty front desk, he was about to shout “Hello” when an oldish lady walked in *obviously attracted by the sound of the opening door*.

From her attire he could tell she was a nurse and from her facial disposition *the bags under her eyes and the annoyed look on her face* he could tell she’d been sleeping. She looked at him, taking in his entirety before speaking.

Tunde raised up his voice to speak: Hi I’m Tunde, I’m here to see…

Nurse: Yes young man, I know who you’re and i know why you’re here. Dr Bola is expecting you.

Tunde: Oh I see, Thank You ehhhhh…

Nurse: I’m Clara, the Head Nurse. Follow me.

They walked down a corridor until they got to a door with the name tag “Dr Bolanle Idowu”. *Clara knocked twice, opened the door and ushered Tunde in and then turned back down the corridor, no doubt to resume her sleep*

Tunde walked in, looked up at the clearly overworked Doctor and sighed: You always were one for late night work “Oversabi (Workaholic)” I always knew you’d end up in one of these strenuous jobs, you just seem to love work

Bola: I see you haven’t changed much, Seems you just refused to grow up after you hit puberty, you’re still the same insensitive bully you always were, still harassing young girls I see.

Tunde: That was just once, I was younger then, BTW who’s deceiving you that you’re young, old woman like you. 😛 *You’d not go and marry. 😛 *

Bola waves her ring finger in front of Him, showing off her expensive wedding rings.

Tunde sighed: poor guy, if only he knew that he was marrying a crazy workaholic. So who’s the unlucky fellow.

Bola: Unlucky fellow??! It’s Jide.

Tunde: Jide? Church boy? I always assumed he was going to die a virgin or worse, a priest? Good for him, you both deserve each other, Crazy people?

Bola: Says the guy who’s mother is in the Psych ward? Anyway it’s Pastor Jide now, we met again last year at a mutual friend’s wedding & we started dating a little while after that, got married 4months back.

Tunde: I asked who he was o, I didn’t ask for your life history? Anyway since you mentioned my mother, where is she, can I go see her?

Bola: Which one, your real mother or your actual mother.

Tunde: You know the one I’m here to see now?

Bola: Sadly her case was more critical than we thought, she took quite a beating. She’s in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), you won’t be able to see her until her situation improves. Rest assured, she’s not going to die.

*She opens a drawer and pulled out a folded piece of paper and hands him the piece of paper*

Bola: She had this in her hands when they brought her in, she refused to let go of it until we sedated her. I made sure nobody else read it, she didn’t look like she wanted anybody else reading the letter. Anyway you’re like the closest she has to family, so I guess you’re an exception.

Tunde opened the letter, skimmed through it, the highlights scared him but the truly scary part was the handwriting. He could recognise that “unruly handwriting anywhere, it was Titi’s handwriting!!!

Photo Credit: Green Dandelion

To be continued…

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


One thought on “The Road Less Travelled (8)

  1. *cries and stomps feet*…Please now Ochuko, play fair on my emotions…why did you extend the plot to another post? The suspense is plenty o…bikozienu come and finish na…

    I especially enjoyed the banter between Tunde and Bola…Interesting read dear!

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