The Road Less Travelled (9) *Titi’s Letter*


He opened the looked at the piece of paper again,  this time reading slowly in other to grasp it’s message.

Mama, good day o *If you’re reading this,  it means our discussion didn’t go as smooth as I’d have liked*

I know this must have come as a shock to you.  Truth be told it came as a shock to me too. I can’t claim to know what you’re feeling or the thoughts that are going through your mind right now.  Disappointment maybe?

Of course you’re disappointed, clearly this wasn’t what you needed to hear especially not now, not at this crucial point in life when all you needed to hear was good news. You deserve that much,  you deserve to be happy.

It pains me that I’m the source of your unhappiness,  of your disappointment,  I’m sure God wouldn’t punish you if you chose to hate me. Even though I know you won’t,  part of me wishes that you would, even if, for just a little while.

I know finding out about my pregnancy wasn’t in your plans at least for another 3-4 years and I can understand your anger,  after all a baby clearly isn’t the first class degree you had in mind when you &  papa sent me to university. 

I know that after Papa’s passing in January,  you looked earnestly towards my graduation from university as a source of Joy and solace.  SADLY,  even that was snatched from your grasp. I never planned to have a baby, then again no student ever really does.

Contrary to what you might think,  I wasn’t been promiscuous,  it was just a 1 time thing,  it happened  in December,  the school was asking for my Tuition Fees and I knew I couldn’t come home because of Papa’s condition. I turned to my friends for help and they introduced me to this guy.

We met a couple of times,  I told him about my predicament and he promised to pay my fees if I slept with him so I did. It wasn’t until I found out that I was pregnant that my friend told me He was the son of the Senator, you know the one running for Governor.

She advised I aborted the baby but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wanted to inform him about the baby but he seems to be overseas or at least that’s what the lady that answers his calls keeps saying. I left him several emails which he hasn’t replied yet & Truth be told I really don’t care,  I can raise the baby on my own *Yes I’ve decided to have the baby*

I feel slightly at peace now that I’ve written this,  again I don’t blame you and I don’t hate you. I only just hope that in time you’d come to forgive me and to accept me and the choices *Mistakes* I’ve made in my life.
In the mean time, I’d living with Aunty Jumoke, incase you feel the need to talk.

Ps: I spoke with the school authorities and they’ve agreed to allow me to continue with the remainder of my course. So I guess I’d still be graduating with my first class after all… 

Your soon to be Estranged Daughter
Titilayo Adejumoke Ogunbiyi

Tunde folded the paper and sank into a chair, no doubt trying to make sense of what he’d just read.

To be Continued

I remain
Ochuko A.  Akpomudjere


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