The Road Less Travelled (10)

If you’re just joining, I assure you non of this would make much sense. You might want to check out Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 Thank You. 🙂

Tunde looked through the letter one more time, just to be sure that in his own oversight, his mind hadn’t filled in details that shouldn’t have been. After going through it, 3 more times, each time slower than the previous.

When He had assured himself *couldn’t deny any longer * that the letter and its contents were infact real, he folded it, set it down on the Stool next to the chair and did the only thing his brain could process at that particular point in time, He closed his eyes and slept off…

He found solace in his dreams, for there he was in a world that was entirely his own, the physical pain he felt melding perfectly with his mental strain to create a perfect blend of it’s smoothest anaesthetic cocktail which his Being gulped with reckless abandon.

He had not a single care in the world, like all of his problems had been wrapped in a pile of weed, which he now smoked away and just as it’d started feeling good, he choked, coughed & then coughed some more and then with a jolt, he awoke in the semi bright office.

He was back in the real world, back to his very real problems, he looked up and saw Bola slipping out of her white Doctor’s coat and into a grey blazer. He tried to imagine back in secondary school when he’d have given one of his limbs just to get her attention for 10 minutes. *OK, Exaggerate much??!*

Now though all He thought of was “What could have been so important that it required pulling me out of bliss?* He looked up at Bola, obviously expecting the answer which wasn’t exactly forthcoming.

Bola: Sorry to interrupt your sleep, but my shift’s over. In simple English : it’s time to go.

Tunde: But I still haven’t seen Mama yet.

Bola: I told you she’s in the ICU, you won’t be able to see her until she’s been moved to a regular ward room. Besides I’m not her Doctor, only her doctor can decide when you can see her. Come on I’d give you a ride home. You do live nearby don’t you?

Tunde: Yeah I do… So when can I come back to see her?

Bola: when she’s out of the ICU. Don’t worry, when she’s out, I’d have her doctor call you.

*The drive to Tunde’s house was a quiet one, the silence broken only when directions were being given*

When she had parked in front of his gate, He asked “Why didn’t you give the letter to the police, after all it is evidence in a murder trial?”

Bola: truth be told, I made a copy of the letter, I was going to drop it off at the station on my way home. I promised Dele I’d bring it to him, but only after it had been read by a member of her family.

Tunde: I see, thanks for the lift. Please don’t forget to tell her doctor to call me. Thank You.

Bola: Don’t worry, she’d be fine and I won’t forget. Have a lovely day and do visit sometime, don’t be a stranger.

*As She drove off, He looked at the 2010 Toyota Camry, right there on the back was a sticker saying “Jesus Saves”. He’d had all he could take about all these talk of “God”.

He shook off all the eyes that were staring at him & walked into his compound. He pushed all his annoyance to the side, and fiddled in his pockets for his keys. As annoyed as he was, nothing was more important to him now than sleep, ok hunger, that definitely ranked higher than sleep…

To be continued…

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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