The Road Less Travelled (11)


Tunde entered the house, flung the keys into the nearest sofa. Waded past all the bottles scattered all over the floor. The events of the past 3 days replayed in his mind.

In the midst of all that had happened, he’d completely forgotten about the state in which his house was. Now that he was back, he realized just how much of a mess his house was.

He would have to do some massive cleaning but not now, there were more important things on his plate. He needed to sleep, he needed to eat and more importantly he needed a bath. His body reeked of sweat.

He walked into the kitchen, his stomach obviously having full control of his body, he opened the fridge, pulled out a half eaten loaf of bread, moved a few bowls around until he found the one with the beans and then he ate.

Not caring how cold the food was or how tasteless it was, he ate until he could eat no more and then he ate some more. He dropped the plate in the sink, followed his instincts till he was in his bedroom and then he fell into his bed.

A good 45 minutes passed before Tunde realized that he couldn’t sleep. All the sleep that his body had craved for hours suddenly seemed to be long gone, He was tired but right now, his sleep was nowhere to be found.

He lay down on his bed trying to lull himself to sleep, but to no avail. Eventually he gave in to his predominant thoughts, he sat up and began to think on all that had happened the past few days.

All that came to mind, all that rang in his mind, were the rambling of all the Delusional people he’d met this weekend. Delusional, of course they had to be, anyone who believed that somewhere up above, there was a “God” who “looked” over their affairs had to be mad.

He’d gotten tired of proving to people that there was no God. What kind of a God would sit idly while his life turned upside down. His nose filled up with this pungent smell, the stench of his 3 day old vomit choking what little air he had in his lungs.

He got up, rushed over to the window, opened it up and just stood there soaking up the air. He got up, walked to the guest bedroom and just slumped into the bed. His mind went blank and just as he drifted off to Dreamsville, he heard his name.

To be continued

I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere

Photo Credit: Around Sarasota


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