Silence They say is Golden but so is speaking the truth, I’d rather I be mute forever than not be able to speak- Ochuko A. Akpomudjere

Silence they say is Golden
However so is speaking the truth
The truth they say is bitter
But we know Freedom is it’s fruit

We all say we want a difference
We want to see a change
But no one wants to speak up
Cause we don’t want to seem Strange

The Government is just so messed up
It’s that same old sad song
Who’d take care of my children
They’re oh so very young

No one would hear our voices
No one would hear our cry
What the hell happened to actions
They’re meant to be louder than words

We’ve lost Martin, Fawehinmi & Gandhi
Who would take their place
How would we face the young ones
Without feeling Disgrace

I have so much to lose
I simply cannot speak out
When did we start trading
The truth for such cheap crap

Freedom of Speech was given
But there still isn’t a sound
When did we trade our voices
For the cheap price of sweet nothings

The world is filled with chaos
It damn well should
We have all let silence
Take the place of Truth

Silence they say is Golden
And so is Speaking the Truth
I’d rather be mute forever
Than choose to withhold the Truth…

*Photo Credits: Blueprint For Life…

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


3 thoughts on “Silence…

    1. True, oh so very true. The sad truth is some people don’t want to speak up against something until it directly affects them, even then some are too scared to speak up… Thank You for taking time out to comment 🙂

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