Happy Birthday Mum…


They say children can’t chose their family
Well I’m grateful to God
For where He chose to place me
Their love, their care and other things too
My Dad, My Mum and my siblings too

Mums are the centre of the home
At least that’s what I was told
I grew up with those words in mind
To call her “Miss World” I could never be so bold

True beauty I heard was hard to find
If only they knew I called her “Mum”
Her beauty radiates like that of the sun
Her carriage, intellect and her cooking too

She raised us up in the fear of God
This strong awesome woman of God
The word “Love” pales in comparison
To all she has showered on us

I’m short of words, I simply cannot say
How much your love has kept us
When stuff would have led us astray
Your teaching and advice kept them at bay

Remember Ochuko you flogged to read?
Well He now writes and I heard he sings too
You other children are geniuses too
Of course we are, we were raised by You

We love you mum, it’s all we can say
Your children are all over the world today
Being the best you’ve raised us to be
And we owe it to God for giving us You…
Happy Birthday Mum!!!

I Remain
Your Son
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum…

  1. Happy birthday to your lovely mum!!!
    God bless and keep her. She will not sorrow over you and neither will you.
    The Lord will shine His face upon her and be gracious unto her.
    Happy birthday again!!

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