The Road Less Travelled (12)


Tunde heard his name, his mind clearing and going back into focus. He was standing on what appeared to be a long bridge, leaning against the railing, looking over the edge. How he got there, he had no idea whatsoever. While still trying to make sense of what was happening,  he heard his name again.

He turned in the direction from whence he was called and saw an old man standing over a mangled body lying on the tarmac. He’d never seen the Oldman before, but some how he felt scared of him, not scared per say, more like wary of him. Something about the old man was off, he had these eyes that seemed to see beyond him.

He looked round to see who the old man was addressing *it obviously couldn’t have been him*. The old man spoke up with such vigor it scared him; Babatunde come here joor, aren’t you the one I’m calling? Tunde looked bewildered, nobody ever really called him that, not even his closest friends, not since his father died 14 years ago.

Tunde looked around and realized the bitter truth, they were the only people on the bridge (no cars, no hawkers peddling their life-saving Gala and soft drinks, no one in sight). He walked towards the old man, looked at him over from head to toe before fixing his gaze on the body on the tarmac.

It was the body of a child of about 10-11 years of age. For some reason the child looked familiar but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember where he’d seen the child before. Who are you? What’s going on? Tunde asked Pointing to the child Tunde asked “Who is he?” The man looked at Tunde, smiled and said “All questions would be answered in due time, but for now we need to help this young lad.

Well can you tell me where we are? The man looked at Tunde and said; I believe we’re on 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos. Tunde gasped and said, I know where 3rd mainland bridge is, question is how did I get here, cause if I remember correctly, I was in my guest bedroom not so long ago. The man laughed and said; well, how should I know how we got here, this is your dream?

Tunde looked at the old man and laughed: my dream, you’re telling me this is my dream? Look I don’t know what you’ve been smoking old man, but I think I’d like to try it sometime just not now. The man looked at Tunde and sighed: Youngsters always think they know more than they actually know, it isn’t your dream per say but it is your dream, actually *pointing to the boy on the tarmac* it’s his dream.

*The man walked up to Tunde and tapped him* Before you start asking weird questions, let me break it down for you. That young man down there, that is you, don’t ask me how, or what’s happening? Just gently pick him up and follow me, we have a long walk ahead and a lot of catching up to do… With that, the old man turned and started walking down the bridge to what could only have been the other end of the bridge…

To be continued

*Sorry for the long 2 week hiatus! It wasn’t planned it just happened, actually life and med school just happened. Anyway I’m back, for good I hope this time. So the story continues same time (Monday) next week. Have a lovely week ahead*

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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