No Big Deal…


In my short – ish stay on this planet, I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of hearing some depressing things in this life, but the most depressing and discouraging things I’ve heard have come from people who were meant to be “Old Christians”.

Back in secondary school, I joined this group called Believer’s Love World *Yes The leader and most of the people in the group, were from Christ Embassy*. I joined for all the wrong reasons back then (there was sha a girl involved), besides it seemed like that cool thing everyone was doing.

Along the lines, I gave my life to Christ and I got more involved, so involved that I’d sacrifice my lunch breaks and free time after school praying and all that good stuff *Zeal without Knowledge 😐 *. To the good part of the story, one of these lunch breaks, we were at the school field praying when the principal, one of the Vice Principals and of course our CRS (Christian Religious Studies) teacher.

After instructing *Warning* us to cease our prayers and all the other “Nonsense” they’d been watching us do, the CRS teacher decided to speak up and what I heard him say, I still cannot believe, he said all these things we were doing, was no big deal, it was nothing new, he said eventually we’d get tired of all these ones and we’d all drop it and move on to the next big thing.

He went on to say we were students, we were sent to learn, not to open church and we should set our priorities straight. In a way he was right, our numbers dwindled for weeks until eventually even I left. OK that’s not where my tale ends. I eventually gave my life to Christ for like the fourth real time, 3 years later and I learnt about having a relationship with God.

I grew in wisdom and understanding to the extent that even “Common” scriptures began to have deeper meaning to me. I learnt a painful truth, most Christians are bored, they’ve lost their “Joy of Salvation” and as such, they can’t seem to understand why someone would want to serve this God with such vigor, such enthusiasm and without knowing, they’ve regressed to their state of Pseudo-death.

Well a while ago, my Pastor was preaching and she mentioned something that stuck with me:

“I wouldn’t be that person they’d ask in 10 years, what happened?, I wouldn’t be the one, they’d be preaching to 10 years from now.”- Pst. Ify Ejidike

Sure we laughed about it but later I got to thinking, what’d be my story in 10 years, would I be the guy who used to be burning for God and then all of a sudden I went cold & was never seen again or would I still be burning bright like the “Olympic Torch?”

I said to myself what everybody would say in a situation like that, “Yes I’d still be burning” but then the next question casually strolled in: “How?” and I realized I didn’t have to look far for the answer. The truth is Life is Easy *Said nobody ever*, life would throw so many things to knock you off balance, things that’d make you doubt your very salvation.

However in the midst of it all, the answer is right there, fix your eyes on the one being that cannot be shaken, build your rock on the foundation that cannot be shaken. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith.Then when all hell breaks loose and it seems like you can’t go on, remember that His Grace is sufficient to keep you in all that you’re going through.

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


11 thoughts on “No Big Deal…

  1. Lol @ “I joined for all the wrong reasons back then (there was sha a girl involved)” Isn’t there always a girl involved? The things men have done because of women…

    But seriously, a book title I saw has stuck with me: Enjoying God and Other Rare Events. Beyond what we “do” for God and what he does for us, enjoying God is a vital key to longevity in Christendom. By this I mean a relationship where I check in with Him and He checks in with me daily; where adoration goes up and affirmation comes down daily… we must value the relationship, guard it, cultivate it, fight for it, so that ten years from now, we’ll still be here.

    Nice post. Thanks for making us examine ourselves!

    1. Lol, the things we guys have done cause of ladies tho, *I should probably write about it someday*.

      Relationship with God, cannot be overemphasised. Truth be told, without a relationship with God, you cannot live an effective Christian life…

      Ps: Who’s the author of the book, I’d like to read it. Thank God for bringing it to my remembrance and Thank You for reading…

  2. This type of thing happened to me too. Some lady told me that she used to love the things of God like i do but just like her then that i’d not last. 6 years later satan came to quench my light and fire with her words. I don’t ever want to hear anyone make such curse disguised statements around me! I will shine. We’ll not give up! We are going to finish!

  3. And where is the like…
    No,where is the love button for this post?
    I had a convo with someone also.he was telling me about atrocities priests commit and why he was a bit laid back in church activities.I told him I don’t care what they did,I will fix my eyes on the author and finisher of my faith and I pray that no matter what I hear/what goes on,my faith in God will never be shaken,my love for Him won’t wax help me God.
    I loved this post,can’t help but say that again.

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