Happy Birthday, Dad…


Any man out there can be a father
But it takes a Special Kind of man
To be a friend and an awesome Dad
The kind of Dad no riches can buy

Boys would always be boys
Funny, no matter how old I get
I will forever remain his Son
That boy who isn’t so little anymore

It’s been so long, He may not remember
Those times, He carried me on his shoulder
The view from up there, #BreathTaking
How could I ever forget, #Nostalgia

You’re a friend when I need one
A teacher when I seem to have none
I can’t say that we have it all
But your love’s worth more than the sun

When I tell Him, He’s a great Father
He tells me, that I’d be even greater
I’m going to make Him proud someday
Wait but I do that every other day…

Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank God for giving me you, Love you now and always.

Your Son
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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