Another 365…


Dearest Ochuko (Mini Me)

If you’re reading this, then yes 2 things have happened: First, Our (or Should I say My) Narcissism has rubbed off in my writing *Yes I know I’mwriting to myself* and Secondly We now have a working time machine *Yaaaay us* 😀

Thirdly *didn’t see that coming did you?* Another 365 days have passed, yes it’s our birthday and keeping with the new tradition I just started, I’m writing this letter to you or should I say me, ok I’m confusing myself *Breath in/out* :S :O.

The Year 2013 has been a bit of a mixed bag for us. We’ve had some really high times and some really really low times *Dipo died this year 😦 Oops,  spoiler alert* You’re not supposed to know that!!! Sorry about that 😦

OK, so many things happened this year. Things that didn’t quite fit into our plans for the year but all in all they happened and we’re stronger today cause they did. Just so you know, we’re still in Med School, it’s still hard sha, but we’re making progress.

We lost some friends this year, they just couldn’t keep up, others had to be let go:( *guess you already have an idea of who* Ok, I’m been negative, but we made so much more. Actual friends, we built relationships this year. We met some really great people as well this year.

We still write by the way: apparently it isn’t just a hobby like Dad thought, it’s become kinda like our thing. You go on to write some breathtaking stuff, I marvel at some of the things you go on to write, sometimes I wonder when writing became our thing. We also met some amazing writers this year, God sha made some talented people though.

Oh lest I forget, we’ve made progress in music as well. We’re not yet Marvin’s level but we’re getting there, also met some gifted music ministers and instrumentalists this year. Which reminds me, (-__-) I still don’t know how to play the keyboard or the guitar for that matter. Sorry I’d try harder (actually you should try harder).

Sorry I left this for last, yes You grew this year spiritually, our challenges of last year are non existent now. We learnt about Grace and that has helped more you’d ever know. Yes our relationship with God is growing deeper day by day. I know, now more than ever that we were called for great things *Hence chapter 5*.

All in all, this was an awesome year, I can call it our best year yet even. We’ve grown so much you n I *Awkward* and I know that we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what God has in store for us *It’s that deep o* #JustSaying

If all goes well, this letter should be getting to you on the 8th December, so Happy Birthday in Advance, if it gets to you on the 9th though, then still Happy Birthday. It’s been an awesome year,  glad to have been you for yet another year.

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere (Future You)


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