The Whereabouts of Happiness…


It’s the most sought for thing on the planet. I mean who in their right minds doesn’t want happiness? You want it, Your spouse wants it, your children, your mother-in-law wants, your siblings want it, your parents want it, your friends want it and even I want it.

Now that we’ve established the fact that we all want it: *Oh did I mention, your “haters” also want it*, the question everyone has been trying to answer since the beginning of time is: “Where is it?” “Where can we find happiness?”

The search for happiness is as old as man himself. Since the day a man is born, their one aim in life is finding satisfaction (happiness). This search for Happiness has yielded it’s own fair share of results some rather interesting, others quite rewarding.

The want of Happiness has led men to search for it in the most unlikely of places. Some search for Happiness at the bottom of a bottle, some in the approval of people, some *Myself included* in the possession of new toys (Sad Right!!! 😐 )

The list goes on and on for days, from the warm embrace of the ones they love, to the pleasures of sex. From profundity of religion to the simple gratifications of food. Man has searched far and wide for a glimpse of happiness.

While these give a feeling of Happiness, it’s fleeting when compared with True Happiness. I have found that true Happiness lies in fulfillment of your dreams, in the fulfillment of your God given purpose.

Life on earth would be meaningless and devoid of Happiness if you attempt to live a life that isn’t in line with God’s purpose for you. True Happiness can only be found in God, for it’s only in your relationship with God that You discover your purpose.

Photcredits: Wallpaper Here

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


6 thoughts on “The Whereabouts of Happiness…

  1. I too have searched for happiness. It is fleeting; you catch it, it slips away. Like you said, it lies in the fulfillment of your God given dreams… living for something bigger than yourself with the G-factor in the equation. Thanks Ochuko for reminding me.

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