Calm in The Storm…

I walk the streets that I once knew
These streets once abuzz with life
The streets of stone, tar roads too
Now lay wasted with scorn and strife … More Calm in The Storm…


Forgiven? (2)

The phone rings, guard walks in, uncuffs you, gets you dressed and leads you outside the prison where there’s a Limousine waiting. You get in and you realize that there’s an old man inside who tells you, that you’re now free, his son has just died in your stead and you’re no longer a wanted man, cause all your crimes have been forgiven. … More Forgiven? (2)

Forgiven? (1)

I hurt a friend once, I did somethings I ended up regretting. Trust was broken, words were said, hurt spread like a cancer n before I realised, we were worlds apart. I acknowledged that I was at fault, and I apologised and asked to be forgiven. … More Forgiven? (1)