A Busy Rant 😒😒😒


“Busy is a new drug a lot of people are addicted to”- Rob Bell

Of late I’ve realized that most of the most annoying phone calls I’ve gotten usually began with “Are you Busy?” appearing in the first 5 lines of the conversation. Something about the word just annoys me. Truth of the matter is that at any given point in time, everybody on earth is busy.

It’s either you’re busy reading, busy in a meeting, busy sleeping, busy writing, busy eating, busy trying to have some alone time, busy living, busy busy busy. Humans pride themselves in being the busiest creatures on earth *besides ants of course*.

Ok back to my rant, what really annoys me the most about these calls is not the fact that they usually are rather pointless, but rather the fact that they usually come in while I’m doing something I love. *Greater men have gone to war for far less than this*.

Like I said before, at every given point in time, everyone on earth is busy. The question now is, what are you busy with? When I think of some people, the expression “Busy with no Progress” comes to mind. Again, what are you busy with?

Most people are so busy with the things they do that they’ve neglected the things that matter. I’m sure your minds just went to family, friends and other similar relationships, but can I put it to you that those are not the only things that matter.

Every single human on earth, has been endowed with a specific purpose but the sad reality is many are dying day by day without fulfilling these purposes. The grave is packed full with wasted potentials, dreams that never saw the light of day cause their carriers were too busy doing the things that didn’t matter.

Most people use “Being Busy” as justification to not do the things they’re called to do. Picture a mouse in a mouse wheel, running and running for minutes, hours on end, yet making no progress. You only struggle, when you’re busy doing something that your not called to do.

The reason most people live frustrated lives is because they are doing things that keep busy, not what they’re created and equipped for. Remember there’s only one you & you alone can do the things you were created to do.

*This isn’t a topic, I can just summarise into one short rant, as such, I’d try to break it down into as many pieces as necessary.*

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


One thought on “A Busy Rant 😒😒😒

  1. Thoughtful one Ochuko. It may be a good idea for us to take stock at the end of a ‘busy’ day and analyse what we accomplished. Time is a finite resource and how we allocate it matters. Sometimes, when I do this, I find that I spent two hours busy doing…. that wasn’t adding to my goals!

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