Beneath These Scars…

I stare at my reflection
Can’t say I like what I see
My scars, what a collection
Heck no, This can’t be me

Mangled n Ugly I became
The scars that haunt me
Have slowly become my name
But surely they’re not Me

This clearly can not be me
A failed representation of my being
Who I was created to be
Is far greater than this.

Your words shape my frame
They talk of my past n my pain
If only you knew that your words
Speak less of me & more of you.

I’ve learnt not to regret my scars
They’re part of who I am
Each scar a tale of a battle won
A medal to say “I made it through”
Beneath these scars, I’m beautiful

I love my scars, they make me cool
My scars alas, they shaped the Me I see
Like a Diamond in the rough
They brought out the real me
Beneath These Scars, I’m invincible


I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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