The Best Things…


Once saw a funny advert that said
“No one has seen a Lamborghini advert
Cause those who can afford them
Don’t sit all day watching television”

“The Best things in Life are free”
Yeah Right? Says the Guy who’s probably
Never seen the inside of a Private Jet or
Sailed across the Pacific on a 20 foot Yacht

We all write lists of things we’d buy
When we make a million dollars
But then we make the million dollars
And realize we have to make a little extra

They say the answer is to make money
So much more than you can spend
What They never tell you is that
With more money comes… #NeverMind

We chase after the finer things in life
The money, The Cars, The Food, The Clothes
In the Process we miss what really matters
That The Best Things in life Aren’t Things…

It’s a small world but it’s a rich man’s world
And more just isn’t enough anymore
We’re running a damned race, chasing shadows
The question is “at what cost?”

Photo credit: Peninsula Times

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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