I Pledge…


I Pledge to Nigeria, My Country:
To be Faithful, Loyal and Honest. To serve Nigeria with All My Strength, To Defend Her Unity and To Uphold Her Honour and Glory. So help Me God!!!

Well it’s the 2nd of May and no I didn’t bring good news. We’ve been through a lot these past few weeks and yes Nigerians are Pissed. So Pissed we’re playing these not so funny games I’d like to call: “Pin The Blame on The Leader” & “Who Wants To Be a Twitter Activist”. It might just be me, but I’m quite indifferent about these games to be honest.

Truth is, it’s easy to blame our leaders, yes we know they are not doing their jobs but the fact is the Blame Game isn’t really helping us, because while passing the blame gives us something to do, it distracts us from the reality of the situation on ground: people are dying and we are all but helpless. Debating behind our phone/tab screens will not change the fact that people are Dying.

The news of yesterday’s bombings reached me and some of my friends and we started discussing the state of things in Nigeria, what the future had in store for us and yes we ranted a little, ok a lot (somewhere around 2hrs) *cause every nigerian out there is a political analyst*. Nearing the end of our “Discussion” I asked: “After all the ranting, how many of us will be willing to exercise our rights as Citizens in a democracy and challenge the Government?” *Cause Nigerians sabi make mouth, but nobody wan die*

Well the answers I got, well I’d keep them to myself. I recited the pledge over and over in my head and I asked myself: “At what Point did we forget the Pledge”. We pledged to serve Nigeria, yet you hear Nigerians say how much they want to leave Nigeria for greener pastures *as though the green in our flags weren’t green enough.* If we all leave, who’d fix Nigeria? Our leaders have failed us, but we’ve also failed ourselves. We’ve forgotten our rights as Citizens, forgotten that these people are answerable to us.

We’ve forgotten our rights and as such we’re prisoners in our own country, bound by the chains in our minds. Mental Slavery: the illusion of being free yet held bound in your own mind by the truth. No one wants to speak up cause they’re afraid, scared that the pot-bellied jailers are going to hurt them or the ones they love if they dare speak up. Well if no one speaks up, who will? Me? Yes Me, Why? Cause I still believe that:

one voice can make the difference, that voice can be me, it can be you, it can be each and everyone of us standing for what we believe.

It’s a sad world we live in, truth be told, there’s only so much we can take, yes praying for our leaders to die and for Nigeria seems like the logical thing to go but guess what, we’ve been doing that for years and nothing has changed. Isn’t it time we tried something different? I’m not saying we shouldn’t pray, it’s just: I can say pray for Nigeria but the truth is, like it or not we’re going to be in places of power someday, be it as a Parent, Manager,  Government Official, Political leader & what have you.

If you don’t start preparing yourself now, in 10, 20, 30 years time, it’d be too late to prepare and trust me you’d make worse mistakes than our present leaders have. We’re a nation but we’re made up of various individuals. If we all decide to make a positive change, Nigeria would be a better place. No matter what they say, I’d still wear my Green & White with Pride cause I’m Nigeria *no that wasn’t a Typo.* I’m Nigerian and proud, yes crap happens in my country, yes we have a 2 year old as president, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m Nigerian and that Nigeria is a blessed country.

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


7 thoughts on “I Pledge…

  1. First, really good post, thank you for this.
    Personally, I totally agree with you about the fact that something has to be done, we should stop talking about issues as they come up and then lose interest over time… we should fight against everything that is wrong in our country and we should do it out loud, challenge the government that we put there to represent us if we think they aren’t doing what they should be doing. We should get off Twitter and apply all our talk in real life, only then can we effect the greatest kind of change.
    Now this brings me to what you refer to as “pin the blame on the leader”, the leaders do carry a whole lot of the blame… think about this instance, after the first bomb blast, which affected me personally by the way because a very good friend of mine was in it, Goodluck Jonathan went on with his campaign rallies and this was explained away as “‘governance must go on”, then a few days later, one person dies and FEC meeting gets cancelled. I’m not saying the death of one person isn’t a bad thing but are the deaths and sufferings of thousands of Nigerians of any less worth or value than that?
    In a democracy, the government is elected to represent the people, they put you there because they trust you, because they believe you can look out for their best interest and in the whole scheme of things, enforce and put in place the things that they cannot do for themselves.
    Now, if you fail to live up to those responsibilities, the people have every right to put the blame on you, where it rightfully belongs.
    Personally, I believe that it is better to stand up, fight and maybe even die for something that means something rather than sit idly by and watch, hoping we don’t still die anyway.
    P.S: There’s a typo is the pledge there, you mean “To Defend HER Unity and Uphold HER Honour and Glory”

    1. First off, let me offer my condolences for your loss. I agree that our Government has failed us and yes we have the right to put the blame on them but putting the blame on them gets us nowhere.

      Rather than spend precious time arguing amongst ourselves, I say we fight for our rights. Like you said, it’s better to die for something worthwhile than watch and wait till it’s our turn to die 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for the correction with the pledge. 🙂

  2. Wow,…Nigeria is a blessed Country..that I will continue to confess…I’m proud of where I’m from,…I’m a vital part of the change that must occur, I choose to do my part, take my place and lead rightly.
    Great post by the way.

  3. An understanding of the politics of nigeria at this point wil make you understand that you cant blame Jonathan for what’s happening as everyone of us have a role to play. Some ppl have information they wont share, some get information but wont act, some sponsore these acts, some allow themselves to be brain washed into do such things for religious or political reasons, some take bribes and let criminals go on with their crimes (imagine catching the world’s most wanted woman & letting her go for a bribe), some just sit and watch… I can go on and on. I would be glad if a northern were to be the one writing this to his brothers perhaps they wil change… Bro carry no with the good work

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