Dead and Gone…


Aaaaaaargh, that scream!!! That Damn unholy scream! The kind that sends chills down your spine, that no doubt originated from the depths of hell. Screams generally mean no good, but at this hour, a scream like that could mean only one thing: Death.

That oh so familiar scream, as eerie as it is, it’s a sound we’ve become quite accustomed to. Ever since those retarded creatures found their way into this school, it’s been doom and gloom all day long: Stabbings in the morning, cult wars around lunchtime and evening bar fights from hell, rapes and murders.

I peer out my window, the wise thing would have been to lock up my windows and hide but heck, you can’t fault human curiosity. Outside I see a small crowd of people gathering around what looks like a body *I always found it funny how people fear death and yet flock around the dead*

I walk out of my house and stare towards the crowd, my curiosity getting the better of me, I see the body not so far off, as mangled as mangled can be. I don’t need a prophet to tell me, he had fallen off the 2 storey building next door. Clearly this wasn’t an accident, but it wasn’t a murder either *else the crowd would have been in a frenzy* no, it was a suicide.

In between the mumbled words about who had seen him fall and the stifled “Oh My God”s, someone yells for a blanket to be brought to have the body covered, others debate among themselves as to why such a bright young man would’ve opted to end his life. I just stare at the body and walk back in. I’m not really a mean person, it’s just he’s of no use to the world now that he was dead.

The WHO estimates that each year 1 million people die from suicide, that’s approximately 1 person every 40 seconds. That’s a lot of people right? People who could have changed the world, who had gifts that would have benefitted the world. Ideas that might have changed the world, snuffed out just like that.

Now before you get all philosophical and self righteous with yourself, ask yourself this: “How different are you from them?” #ThinkAboutIt

To Be Continued

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere

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