The Walking Dead!!!

Why are you just like this? Where were you, when God was giving others brains and talents? The people who came top in the class, how many heads do they have? Why must your case always be different? Why? Why?? Why??? Why can’t you just be like everyone else? These are questions you’ve all heard … More The Walking Dead!!!

3 (Three)

3 lines all crossed out Same 3 lines that I’ve stared at Same 3 lines I’ve rewritten Time and time again, these past 3 days Procrastination, the thief of time Well, so is the lack of ideas A Thousand Words Flying around in my head Their destinations none can ascertain¬† Such pressure, weighing down on … More 3 (Three)

Is Anybody Listening?

I have heard pretty much everybody’s story, their dark secrets, their filthy tales, watched them air their dirty laundry, their juicy blackmail-able gossip and their rather boring sob stories. I’m the one people run to when they want to tell a secret, the one they run to when they’re seeking for advice. The ones they … More Is Anybody Listening?