Is Anybody Listening?

solitary.charlotte.ONLINEI have heard pretty much everybody’s story, their dark secrets, their filthy tales, watched them air their dirty laundry, their juicy blackmail-able gossip and their rather boring sob stories.

I’m the one people run to when they want to tell a secret, the one they run to when they’re seeking for advice. The ones they run to when they just want to be heard, the one they listen to when they want to be led.

I was the first to know, when Lucy got pregnant for that Aristocrat. The one who helped Alex sort out funds to pay the bulk of his Tuition. I was the one who advised Greg to follow his heart, to drop out of the Med School and go into music.

In short terms, I’m a helper, It’s what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not God neither do I have a God complex. I’m just a mere mortal like you, a rather intelligent and a well connected one if I might add.

I’m touched, all of you trust me and have built such relationships with me wherein you all feel comfortable enough to tell me all your secrets but quite frankly I’m tired. Tired because I too have run into my own dilemma.

You see I’ve been locked up for the past 3 weeks, obviously against my will. Cooped up in solitary confinement, they say it’s for my safety. The secrets I’ve locked up inside have comeback to haunt me.

Is anybody listening? It’s your friendly neighbourhood shrink & I need someone to help me. I don’t know if you’re real or not, but I heard the preacher man say “You’re an ever present help in times of need” & right now, God I need you to rescue me.

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


4 thoughts on “Is Anybody Listening?

  1. Obviously a lot of thought went into this, I was drawn into the words.good job Ochuko.
    And funny, as I got this notification as soon as I said “you are not listening” to someone.nice coincedence eh?

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