Great Nation

It’s here again, that day we’ve all been waiting for. No it’s not Rapture, and it’s not my birthday, it is an anniversary though, the anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence. The Independence of a truly GREAT NATION.

Sha before I begin, I want to acknowledge the fact that even though I didn’t post anything in the month of September, I knew you were all expecting my Independence Day piece. Musings from that oversabi patriot in Diaspora. Hope you’d still be expecting them come 2027 😉

See the thing is that come rain, come shine. In the good and in the bad, I’d never have anything bad to say about Nigeria. As I’d always say, a Nation isn’t just a geographical location, rather a nation lives and thrives in the hearts of it’s people.

And to borrow the words of popular Nigerian athlete Ejowvokoghene Divine Oduduru, Nigerians are born great and life is yet to create a situation that Nigerians cannot rise above. Sure there have been trying times, Sure we are not where we are meant to be but we’re still one Great Nation.

So raise a glass with me as we share a toast to our great NAtion cause as  Timi Dakolo said, Nigeria is not just our Country, she is You and I and we are 54 today.



DSC_0125 DSC_0212DSC_0149 DSC_0161IMG_2964 IMG_2994

From a few of us at Crimea State Medical University, we want to say Happy Independence Day


I remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere
PhotoCredits: Me, Myself and the crew of Eclipse Studios


2 thoughts on “Great Nation

  1. Glad to see that independence day was enough to make you pen something to us…remain Lizzie wey go follow suit.

    Happy independence day fellow Nigerians…
    And tis nice, Infact body sweet me to see say Nigerians abroad nor forget this day too.
    #naija for life!

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