On This Day…


You are a PERFECT being! A masterpiece in the sight of God. God had already achieved you before your life even began. You were created with a purpose in mind, you were not an accident, you are not a mistake, God has a plan for you.

You are a SPIRIT!! Your fears are temporary, your situations are temporary, when bad things happen, don’t get depressed, they don’t make you, so don’t let them break you. They cannot hurt the real you, You are a Spirit.

You are a VICTOR!!! The devil is real, your problems are real, your negatives are real, but your positives, your stand in Christ and your God is more real. More real, is the victory you have in Christ.

You are BLESSED!!!! Blessed beyond a curse, blessed beyond your wildest imaginations and the best part: There is nothing you have to do to “Earn” God’s blessings, You don’t have to forward any message to 10 of your contacts (πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’) to receive his divine Favour, for freely has it been given.

You are Loved!!!!! There is nothing in and out of existence that can separate YOU from the Love of God. Not Your past, present or future sins. There is nothing you can do to fall out of God’s love, for God is obsessed with you.Β 

On this day and every other day, God wants you to know that you mean more than the world to Him, You mean more than His Son to Him.

#HowsThisForABroadcastMessage 😜😜😜

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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