2014: In Retrospect

IMG_34982014, well if there ever was a textbook definition for a mixed bag, well it would have a picture of 2014 attached to it. Don’t get me wrong, 2014 was an amazing year. (Yeah, turns out I can’t say that with a straight face). I’m just going to come out and say it, 2014 was annoying. God, i went through so much change that by the time July was here, I couldn’t even recognise myself.

*Inserts Maniacal laughter* I know right? Here’s the poster boy for Change complaining about change. People say preaching is hard, I say practicing what you preach is harder, living breathing and being your gospel, now that’s an entirely different ball game. Yes change was/is hard but it is/ was and will always be worth it.

2014 was a bunch of not-so-nice words but it was my best year yet. I lost quite a lot but I gained so much more. I lost acquaintances but I gained friends, I lost friends (quite a lot actually) but i gained family. I learnt a lot and unlearnt a lot more, acquired new skills and reawakened some dormant gifts (Photography). I redefined reality as I knew it, I encountered God, I encountered life, I knew Love, I knew myself, I changed, but I love who I became.

2014 was my year of “Resplendent Glory” and boy did God have surprises for me. God taught me that only way for me to truly shine, was to be who he created me to be: Myself. I learnt that only by being myself, would I align with his purpose for my life. Only by being myself, would I reflect the Maker’s glory.

2014 came along, stayed a while and left us in it’s wake but we’re still here in the centre of God’s grace and Favour. 2015 promises to be a great year, God assured me that things will happen, but through it all I will enjoy his rest. Yes 2015 is my Year of Rest.

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere
Happy New Year


4 thoughts on “2014: In Retrospect

  1. *huge grin*
    Resplendent Glory uhn? 😉 i’m thankful you had such a tried-through-fire year. Its only an indication that you are BECOMING…till He sees Himself in you.

    Cheers to a 2015 charcterized by progressively resplendent seasons.

  2. I love that someone else talks about REST in 2015! Welcome aboard to the best year yet! PS: I love the way you write too, makes me a better learner.

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