A Weird New World…

We live in a very interesting world
A world of smartphones and dumb people
Where ignorance is celebrated and intelligence disdained
Where a celebrity’s nude picture pulls more traction on the Internet than a plea to feed the hungry
Where religion is raised far above human life
Where what you wear to church. Is more important than what you hear
A world where your acceptance is based on what you have rather than who you are (human)
Where the color of your skin is of more importance than what you have in your head
Where the pride of a few, outweighs the lives of the many
A world where lives are forfeit by the push of a button
Where the Leaders of Tomorrow were already parents even before the song was written
It’s a weird world after all, but it’s our world and we alone can change it.

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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