I’m going to share this experience I had years ago. I hope it helps someone to hold on and believe. I heard a lot about miracles as a kid, but really, I just took them passively until one night. 

It was the end of another term and teachers went around, giving projects to students, a way of keeping us busy during the break, the break leading to a new year. As a JSS 2 student, I really enjoyed doing these things. Cutting cardboards and building things up, using the plywood for menial carpentry, internet researches and all.

I got home that afternoon and began working. I can’t really remember, but that particular project was on something that made me go into a bush just beside the house.

Well, as a typical little yourba boy that I was, I against mum’s constant cautioning, went into the bush, without my footwear. Minutes later, I ran out. 

I raced out of the bush with an injured foot. Something had punctured my sole. I took it as another normal injury, since the bleeding had stopped pretty quick. My gaits were even close to normal, so, I proceeded like nothing happened.

I woke up the following day with a different right foot. A swollen, unusable one. The pain, as though waiting for this day, rushed at me, that I finally had to inform my parents.

My father, who wouldn’t take any health issue lightly immediately grabbed me. Hospital, drugs and what have you, and the wound remained. It actually went and came for days. It got to a time I underwent a mini-surgery, still nothing changed. Just pain.

The new year drew near and the thought of not being able to wear my new shoes killed me. I limped around the house till the new year’s eve.

We got to church that night and during those few minutes to a new year, the pastor told all to specifically ask something of God. My mother then came and said some words into my ear. She has that sweet, motherly nature of whispering prayer points into our ears.

With the wounded foot still raised, because I couldn’t touch the ground with it, I prayed God should make me well. I told Him I didn’t want to start a new year in such condition…  And He answered.

To be sincere, it was just a simple prayer, I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic, but I got shocked that night as I sat to inspect. I checked and found this relatively large wood split hanging out of my dear foot.

That was how I got well and was able to rock my new shoes.  

Simple right?

Yes. The seemingly simplest things, like sleeping and waking, going and coming are often the greatest miracles. They happen every day, we may just get too blind to see them.  Some other times, they seem too normal.

Prayers get answered, at times even before they are made.

A miracle is not seen only when a headless man suddenly gains back his head, it’s also seen when a man has no cause to loose his head.

️Miracle is living.


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