Good (Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening/Night) *Pick whichever one applies to You*

Sadly I’ve been on self imposed exile from Blogosphere, hopefully the Small Council *yes that was a Game of Thrones reference (Sunday can’t come soon enough)* would lift my exile soon enough.

Over the past couple of days, weeks even. I’ve had to do a lot of movement, of course this inadvertently meant a lot of absent mindedness, an awful lot of chilling on the bus, a lot of meditation and yes a lot of music absorbing/ listening.

I have been absorbing “For King and Country”s “Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong album for about a week now and let me just say pieces of my brain are still scattered all over the insides of at least 10 buses. #MindBlown If You haven’t already gotten your copy of the album, I strongly advice that you do –> HERE

One song in this album stood out and really spoke to me. It’s titled Shoulders and it talks about how our Help comes from God, How he carries our “Weakness, Sickness, Brokenness” all on his shoulders. It spoke to me of how dependent we are, how God is all we need. As it so happens, I’m quite bad at describing things so I’d let you “Experience” the song for yourself.

I Remain

Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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