Spouses R Us

Make una no beat me, Na person mind I dey speak. 😂😂😂

The Mad Hatter's Musings

It’s the last week of June, it is hot as hell but you’re buttoned all the way up to your neck, in a 3 piece suit and a pair of shoes that you swore you’d never wear in your first year. Simply because its Graduation day and Heaven forbid you turn up in a shirt, a pair of jeans and some slippers (flip-flops)

You walk into the hall, looking sharp. Locate your friends, walk over to say Hi, compliment them on how good they look and to congratulate them for finally making it through that hell they call Medical School. 6 whole years of torture has led to this very moment and you’d be damned if you don’t revel in the moment.

It’s all well and good until you hear your mother’s voice behind you “she looks fine o” and then deep down you know, the true torture has just…

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