#DontLetTheDevilUseYou: The Prelude

 Hi everyone, Long time no see, yeah I guess you really can’t just casually say that after 6 months. I want to say sorry but the way my life is set up right now, I literally ran out of “Sorries”, 3 days before the end of 2015. *Still expecting 2016’s stock*. Oh wait, where are my manners? Happy New Year Everyone!!!So I’m back and of course I come bearing gifts 😉. What gifts? In the words of one of the wisest men I know, Barrister Tyrion Lannister (First of His Name) Esq. “I am the Gift”. Well I and all the people behind me, Yes I brought guests. Yes, it’s always a party when I’m around 😁, see over the next few days, we’d be running a mini series tagged *inserts drum roll* #DontLetTheDevilUseYou
  As humans, one of the first things we learn, is that there’s always someone to blame for our actions/ the things going on in our lives (and our reactions to them). From a young age, we learn to say “it wasn’t me” and as we grow older and seemingly wiser, it progresses to the level where we find people to blame for our actions (reactions as we have come to call them).

The story rapidly changes to “He pushed me and I pushed back”, “They insulted my religion so I blew them up” & my personal favorite, “Sorry, I honestly don’t know who tweeted that, I was hacked”. For us who grew up in Nigeria, you’ve definitely heard (or probably even said) this one, “I don’t know what happened/ came over me, it was the work of the devil”.

Brethren, I put it to you that once those words are uttered, “it was the devil”, it’s all over, know Ye then that you have unlocked the final level of the the blame game, LEVEL 419: Spiritual Wickedness in High Places. And yes this level covers the witches that your mother always assumed were manipulating you.

So for the next few days, we’re going to be hearing from some very amazing writers about the (stupid) little things we do, that we really shouldn’t, those things we look at in retrospect and ask “What the hell was I thinking?”

So join us as we set out to dish out some common sense and say no to the Devil’s Usery this month. PS I wrote a teaser for this series some weeks ago, you can check it out here -> #DontLetTheDevilUseYou

I Remain

Ochuko A. Akpomudjere


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