#DontLetTheDevilUseYou: Episode 1

Subulola is simply put, one of the most amazing people I’ve come across on this journey called Life. One of those “Never a dull moment around them” people. It pleases the board of trustees to have her on board this venture, so much so that we decided she’d be the one to kick off the #DontLetTheDevilUseYou campaign *Subu mi, Sorry sha 😂*. So without further ado, I give you Subulola

Mama had to take her car to the mechanic because the fanbelt or whatever was acting up. Of course, she spent almost ten thousand naira repairing it. What caused it? Just because one thoughtless Naijarian used up the contents of the wrapper and discarded the wrapper on the road, allowing the devil to use them as an instrument of delay and waste…pardon my Spanish. Apparently, a piece of nylon was found chilling cozily in the fan when the mechanic guy opened the bonnet. It had severely damaged the fan to the point of rendering it useless. How it got there is anyone’s guess. To that person who ate ‘Gala’ and flung out the nylon through the car window, it was just one more piece of litter for LAWMA to sweep. #DontLetTheDevilUseYou! #KeepTheRoadsClean #DontLeaveTrashForLawmaOnTheRoad!
So a friend was gisting me about his experience. He said he went out like a few years ago, and after getting off the bus, he crossed the road. It was a double carriage way. So after he crossed the first half, he quickly jumped over the intersection so he could cross the next half. That’s how jumping turned to something else entirely o…Why? You ask. Well, my friend hardly expected that after scaling the divide, he would land on someone’s well-packaged poop waiting there by the busy roadside in a black polythene bag. Guess who trudged home with a shitty shoe just because someone allowed himself to be used by the devil? Said culprit is most likely too illiterate to even know about the existence of this article…still, you’d probably wanna watch out when crossing the road next time. #DontLetTheDevilUseYou #MakeUseOfPublicToilets

I was in my bedroom a couple of weeks back. I’d spent the whole day out, maximizing the holiday and hanging out with loved ones. So you would imagine that I’d get back home all wrung out, hungry for sleep. But what is sleep when the ‘banger-throwers’ out there are on a roll? Nah fam, it wasn’t to be. Like at every millisecond, it was POW POW! Trying to make a sister jump out of her skin. God, save me from these burners of money! Plus the music players…self-appointed DeeJays; once the devil gets a hold of them, everybody in the neighborhood – a residential area, might I add – might as well kiss sleep goodbye, like kini nje bee? Even now, I can hear them go POW POW! And you wonder why we have so many grumpy people around. People ain’t getting enough sleep fam. #DontLetTheDevilUseYou #SayNoToEnvironmentalAndSocietalDisturbance

Came across a mad crowd sometime ago…mad they were indeed, as they lynched a young guy. “What did he do?” I asked an observer who had been calling out for the lad’s blood along with the hundred or so other people on the scene. “I don’t know” he replied me and turned his attention back to continue throwing his fist in the air, screaming bloody murder. “What did he do?” I asked another angry person, a woman this time. You’d think that, being a woman, she’d be too sensitive for this sort of show. No, her dubiously lit eyes said she was having a lot of fun. “Dem say he steal. I no sure sha” she said. I looked at the individual faces of the people that made up the crowd. The Devil was obviously at work full time. Ignoramuses; the whole lot. I could probably go round, asking the whole lot of them for the boy’s offence and no one would know. And the boy? He was probably already seeing the stairways to Heaven (I couldn’t imagine that after this hell, he would go to Hell), considering how badly bruised he was. Jungle justice. And did I mention also the sick folks standing by, holding up their phones to take photos and record videos? The sick bunch didn’t bother to ask questions. They just went ahead to administer their own twisted form of justice. Kill the boy now, ask questions later. Meanwhile, just quickly kill the boy first. Listen to me closely; #DontLetTheDevilUseYou #SayNoToJungleJustice
I was in the car alongside some folks and we were caught in hold up. As Nigerians are wont to do in traffic, we’d formed five lanes due to our impatience. Flanking the right side of the road was a dirt path on which pedestrians were supposed to walk. Said path was not quite even; heck, it was downright borderline dangerously bumpy. Lo and behold, I saw passenger-filled buses trudging along on the bumpy path which was meant for pedestrians. Mind you, just off the path was a sort of valley. And both driver and passengers were willing to risk their lives just so they could get to their destination quicker than we sane people on the smoothly tarred road. Let’s imagine that the bus toppled over into the valley and the driver was questioned later on, what would he say my brothers and sisters? It is the work of the Devil! #DontLetTheDevilUseYou #LeavePedestrianPavementForPedestrians

Lest I forget, She blogs at Subulola’s Niche, be sure to check out her amazing amazing Blogs *Thank me Later*. See you all, same time, same station tomorrow 😊


11 thoughts on “#DontLetTheDevilUseYou: Episode 1

  1. Reblogged this on subulola's niche and commented:
    So I got featured on my very good, friend and fellow WordPresser’s blog!
    Couple of weeks back, Ochuko began this trend #DontLetTheDevilUseYou and invited me; rather, extended to me the honour of sharing my thoughts on the topic with an article. You can follow the trend too! He believes like I do in blogging the truth! We don’t just write. We write the truth! We’re for making changes, yea?
    So leggo!

  2. If more people realized that even the little things they do affect others negatively (the littered gala wrapper is a perfect example) maybe they wouldn’t let the devil use them so much. But then again we’ve become so insensitive as a people that even if the culprit knew the effect of what he/she had done, they probably wouldn’t even care.

    A young man is in a coma in the hospital because he was run over by a danfo who did not stop at a red light but decided he was in too much of a hurry to pick up passengers before the next bus. The man is fighting for his life because you were only thinking of the next 50 naira fare. #DontLetTheDevilUseYou.

    The Player vs The Romantic

    1. It’s good to know that someone shares a similar point of view, love the example you gave by the way, we all need to realize that the little things we do, affects not just us, but others as well. Would you like to share even more of your thoughts on this matter?

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