#DontLetTheDevilUseYou: Episode 6

Long ago in an East Ukrainian city far away, I ran into this Uncle on my very first day and we’ve been friends ever since. Like all the great uncles out there that we all remember (we only seem to remember the ones who give us stuff), He decided to support our Campaign with a little something, *put your hands down joor, it isn’t money*. Uncle Ifeanyi has a story for us today, so sit back and enjoy.

You know family is supposed to represent unity, it’s a fusion of like minds that’s exceeds blood and DNA, but unfortunately that was not the case for Patrick.
Now, there were 5 brothers Monday the eldest followed by John, Osas, Kenneth and then Patrick. They grew up in a poor home with Monday always taking care of them and having their back no matter what, his younger ones respected him for that and held him in high regard. Monday always had anger issues but never displayed it at his brothers.

John was the quiet one, while Osas was the noise maker, Kenneth is married and Patrick was well, hustling.

One day they came up with an idea of saving money from the beginning of the year so that they could have enough money to buy food stuff during the festive period and they all agreed that they would buy a big bag of rice and share it among themselves.

As time went by everybody started bringing in their money as much as they had with Patrick leading the charge. They had no issues and they never argued amongst themselves about Patrick taking the lead.

Now Patrick got a new job and started earning more that his siblings and this contribution increased by 10%. 

Now on the 24th of December a Patrick was excited, He called Monday and asked him “brother what about the rice?” His brother replied and told him “Patrick there’s no rice for you”. Now about this time Patrick’s manager had given Monday some money to give Patrick which he used without telling Patrick that he was going to use the money.

Patrick thought his brother was joking because his contribution was the highest and therefore his share of the rice was going to be the biggest which made Patrick very excited. After work Patrick then decided to go pay Monday a visit and collect his rice, when he got there he sat and greeted Monday and his wife, Monday’s wife then went up stairs to feed the baby.

While they were discussing about the rice suddenly Monday got up and slapped Patrick which made Patrick so surprised. Patrick told Monday “you are a father to me I can’t slap or hit u back it will be disrespectful I just want my rice so I can go home” this made Monday more annoyed that He took Patrick to the wall and stared punching him. This made Monday’s wife scared that she started shouting, then all of a sudden Monday went into the kitchen and brought out a new knife and struck his Patrick with it, Patrick blocked it with his hand and then Monday decided to strike again which landed on Patrick ‘s head and then the third one landed on his side.

Immediately he was rushed to the hospital and was asked by the Doctor who did this to you and then he pointed to his brother. The Doctor walked up to Monday annoyed and asked him how could u do this to your brother and then he gave the most obvious answer “it was the devil, I don’t know what came over me” the Doctor laughed and asked “so God told you to then bring him to the hospital?”

The Bible says in James 4 vs 7 “submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

#dontletthedeviluseyou #saynotoanger

*Disclaimer: this is a fictional retelling of an actual even, names changed for very obvious reasons* it’s quite sad that we have to constantly look over our shoulders even amongst members of our own household.

Ifeanyi blogs at Emex24’s Blog, feel free to stalk his blog. 


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