#DontLetTheDevilUseYou: Episode 9

There are very few people on this planet that get me and you’re about to hear from one of them. She’s also another person who loves like it’s all she knows how to do. Ironically, she’s the only one in this series so far, who isn’t a blogger. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Ajoke (Aunty) :p


Simi and Moyo are childhood friends, who grew up together in the same slum in Lagos. Their parents are well below average financially but still ensured their children went to school. They both attended public primary and secondary schools, and eventually a federal university. Simi is very brilliant, Moyo is average but Simi’s ultimate dream is to be the wife of a rich man.

They both rocked Uni, they were big babes and quite popular too because they were pretty. Oh! They weren’t rich, at all, very far from it, they would rather spend all their allowance (small as it was) on clothes and makeup and soak garri in their room, and they just didn’t want to pass thru school without leaving a mark. They had their fair share of heartbreakers and disappointments, as normal babes. And they kept living like this until they graduated. They both finished with very good grades. School was over, now it’s time to face life. Moyo dived straight into the job search mode but Simi enjoyed the flamboyant life too much to let go. She still wanted to own the best phones, wear the latest outfits, she was even trying to get someone to buy her a house and a car, talk about tall order.

Simi met a man one day, and being her usual extravagant self, she wanted to have lunch at the most expensive restaurant. He took her shopping at a big boutique, he was just the perfect man. She had met the man she wanted to marry. Then the relationship got to a point where she had to take him home, she didn’t want to take him to the one room she shared with Moyo in the slums but that night, she had no choice, he wanted to know where she stays and he wanted to meet her best friend.

He got to the house and met her friend, he wasn’t even bothered in the least about where she stays, and he just didn’t care. Then he started chatting with Moyo….

Moyo was searching for a job and needed one desperately, she saw a man that could give her a job and spilled her guts to him. She told him about her poor background and how her parents had suffered to send her to school (she didn’t talk about Simi, it wasn’t her business).

Fortunately, there was an opening in the man’s company and he offered to help her get the position, which she ended up getting by the way. She had a huge salary, a company house and car to herself.

That was the best day of her life.

Simi didn’t care, she had the man who owned the job. She wanted to be a housewife.

Months went by and Simi moved into Moyo’s 3 bedroom apartment, she hadn’t planned on that.

She was supposed to move into the man’s house but somehow, he never brought up the topic. Eventually, he left her because she had no dreams. She was broke again.

It doesn’t always happen this way, some girls get away with it.

#DontLetTheDevilUseYou #DontBeLikeSimi #BeLikeMoyo #BeDependent #DontPretend #StopLivingAFakeLife

Sorry I haven’t posted anything this past few days, it’s Exam season here and I’m still getting the hang of the whole scheduling thing, we’re in the last few days of Phase one of the #DontLetTheDevilUseYou campaign, Thank You to those who’ve been with us since the beginning. #OkBye see you tomorrow.


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