#DontLetTheDevilUseYou: Episode 11

And so at long last we’ve come to the end of our series. Or have we? Ilie keeping people in suspense, it’s how I get my kicks. This episode was written by my very own Bromilade, you know him as Tomilade, genius writer & wordsmith but to me, He’s my Bro. One of the few people I’d gladly follow into battle no questions asked. Egbon Jon Snow 😀 . He has come with what I believe to be the best ending you could give a series like this, I give You Tomilade


We are as imperfect in character as we are in aesthetics. The quest of faultlessness is of bloody perspiring and unyielding seeds. Like a marathoner whose training regimen anticipates weather and physiological obstacles, a stumble in the last 100 metres can be the difference between crossing the victory ribbon and returning home with a participant’s ribbon.

We should admit our inherent imperfections ­– not always using them as excuses for shortcomings – but as explanations. Excuses release us from the burden of duty and responsibility. Explanations or reasons give us tangible problems to solve. Of course some imperfections are perfect excuses but that’s by the way.

Devil as we know is not omnipresent. We often call for him – metaphorically speaking – giving him access to our actions. He is the monkey on our neck who only remembers to visit when bananas abound. Life is tough enough without our natural predispositions to making errors and ceding to temptation (Devil).

No one is perfect but do not invite the Devil to the motel on your shoulders. #Dontletthedeviluseyou

Tomi O

For those who don’t know, He blogs at “Escaping Through“. Be sure to pay him a visit, You wont regret it.

Thank You all for being with us all through the whole of Phase 1, You’ve all been awesome. Thank you for all the comments, for all those who offered to write, for those who denied me the opportunity to exercise my Negotiation muscles ( thank you for running with my Idea), Here’s to more future exploits. Again I say THANK YOU 🙂


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