Is Anybody Listening?

I have heard pretty much everybody’s story, their dark secrets, their filthy tales, watched them air their dirty laundry, their juicy blackmail-able gossip and their rather boring sob stories. I’m the one people run to when they want to tell a secret, the one they run to when they’re seeking for advice. The ones they … More Is Anybody Listening?

The Road Less Travelled (9) *Titi’s Letter*

Mama, good day o *If you’re reading this,  it means our discussion didn’t go as smooth as I’d have liked*

Of course you’re disappointed, clearly this wasn’t what you needed to hear especially not now, not at this crucial point in life when all you needed to hear was good news. You deserve that much,  you deserve to be happy… … More The Road Less Travelled (9) *Titi’s Letter*